The Shelf Life of Love

“_________, wilt thou have this woman/man to be thy wedded wife/husband to live together after God’s ordi

nance in the Holy Estate of matrimony? Wilt thou love her/him, in sickness and in


health, and forsaking all others keep thee only unto her/him, so long as ye both shall live (or for the next 5 or 10 years)? (“I will”)

Mars enters Gemini on Monday who immediately tussles with Venus, who is about to retrograde backward from Virgo into Leo on Wednesday. Seems to me, it’s as good a time as any to kick up some new ideas about love.

I attended a wedding this weekend in North Carolina. It was a southern affair, with all the trimmings – high tea for the ladies, golf for the gents and a reception on a river boat which sailed down the Cape Fear River. The ceremony was full service, held in a Methodist Church. The hip officiant dared to begin with a little number about Mr. Blackwell’s best dressed list, and when he named Paris Hilton in the Church Of Our Lord I just about fell out of my seat. The message was succinct: self-image doesn’t hold a candle to the Lord’s clothes. To be well-dressed, this couple should clothe themselves in the sacrament of marriage. And when the priest asked us, the congregation, to say “we will” to their wedding vows I was given pause. I will be there for the bride. I will clothe her in Love. But upholding the ’til death do they part’ thing…how did they just get me to agree to that? [Read more…]

Shadowboxing with Mars in Taurus

Today’s astrology is not lightweight. More like benchpressing. I awakened this morning from a shadowboxing dream. I was being stalked by a predator, and although this was never a physical reality for me, through the screen of my own natal Mars/Pluto square I recognized him as a symbolic piece of my self. In an earlier dream sequence, I raised my hand to strike someone I loved. I was the perpetrator of violence, which shocked the “Me” in the dream. Oh, and this was followed up by a scathing email from an angry client and news of a death in my extended family – all before noon. Wow, this red guy really packs a punch!

Here’s the gift of astrology: it allows me to objectively evaluate my own and other’s aggression (and fear of aggression) without self-judgment. Everyone has a Mars figure in their chart – the aggressor and empowering figure. People have different relationships to the “I AM” planet of personal empowerment, righteous anger, passive aggressiveness and unfathomable violence – as evidenced by their relationship to Mars. Mars can be forthright; he can be suspicious and sneaky. But one thing’s for sure, our relationship to our own anger affects how we get what we want (or don’t want) from the world.

Right now, Mars in Taurus is squaring Saturn in Leo –AND- being quincunx’d by Pluto. Mars in Taurus is slow to anger but when he get’s going, he stubbornly persists down the same path, you know – the one that’s not working. Immovable Saturn is blocking the expression of anger, making it hard to let it out. When Pluto comes along and quincunx’s the stalemate, the shadow emerges. There’s the juice. When we can see our shadow, we can take responsibility for our “fighting style”. What’s the shadow of anger? Victimization. Personal abnegation of your own aggression. Not taking responsibility for what you want. Any others?

This timely article on Yahoo Health today (do the media have personal astrologers or what?), “What’s Your Man’s Fighting Style?” by David Zinczenko is a fun read and a worthy exploration for Martian Stargazers. You may even want to check out his book, Men, Love & Sex: The Complete User’s Guide for Women. But remember ladies, knowing your own fighting style (instead of blaming your man) is the best offense you’ve got going. As within, so without. Here’s my astrological stab at the red guy (shown in bold) with quotes from Zinczenko’s Fighting Style:

The D.A.
Personality Type: Competitive. Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio

“…About 20 percent of men in this survey admit that they say they fight like lawyers – trying to demolish a woman’s arguments with logical, rational reasoning to catch her in a lie or make her confess. This tactic may mean that the guy wins the logical side of the disagreement, but his battering-ram style won’t win him any emotional points in the long run.”

The Surfer, Personality Type: Lllllaaaaaaaid Back. Mars in Pisces

“…Goes with the flow, dude. This kind of guy lets life roll off his back – he understands the woman’s point of view, and he tries to make her happy, even at his own expense. Works well in many cases, but not all the time – especially for the woman who subconsciously may want a fight, just to make sure he’s as emotionally invested in the relationship as she is.”

The Old-School Patriarch Mars in Taurus
Personality Type: Stuffy

“…Silent treatment. No words, no confession, no way you’re going to trip him up into seeing it your way, because he’s not saying a word. The passive-aggressive move – the most frustrating of all fighting tactics – only works to infuriate, which is exactly why he does it. The short-term satisfaction of making her madder usually doesn’t pay long-term dividends.”

The Salesman Mars in Leo, Mars in Sag
Personality Type: Smooth

“…About a quarter of men admitted in the survey that they will say “I love you” to get themselves out of arguments. It’s a good, charming move -one that can work, and one that he most likely uses when he knows he’s wrong. He uses adoration to substitute for confession.”

The Poet Mars in Libra
Personality Type: Stubborn and Soft

“…He does something wrong, he knows it, he tries to explain why he did it, she doesn’t buy it, he backs off. Now, he reverts to his preferred method of communication: email. The carefully crafted message – complete with confession, explanation, compliments, and a dash of humor – allows him a chance to speak without conflict. It’s safe, though a smidge cowardly. But he uses it to control his feelings and the message – and to end the argument as soon as possible.”

Venus Retrograde, Defrocked

Who is this lusty lady? Do we really know her at all? As Venus moves retrograde in Virgo today (through September 8 )she begs our kindness and our modesty. But to really know her we must first defrock her. Yes, take off her clothes.

My college art teacher once distinguished the difference between nude and naked. Nude implies self-consciousness, the awareness of being looked at, being watched. And the nude model’s poses are rehearsed or posed, from that perspective. We’re trained at nude, in art, magazines, advertising as nude naughtily seduces us into thinking she’s naked. But she’s not. No, nude will always double check her reflection in the mirror, angling for someone else. Meanwhile, naked is naked. As in: the buff. There’s no best angle to get because there’s no trying to “get”. Experiencing naked is happening upon a sleeping beauty in the buff, or a diaper-less baby playing on the beach. We’re so exquisitely surprised when we stumble upon that moment, that accidental naked moment (or any naked moment for that matter) a spontaneous beauty takes our breath away. Stripped of self-awareness, our inhibitions lift and for a moment, we’re just human beings, being naked. When we escape nude, naked is a taste of pure freedom.

Oh, to experience the vulnerability of naked ouch, the criticism and judgment, (usually our own) to our blessed imperfections. We’ve got to be comfortable in our own skin. To brave our own naked reflection. Better run for the concealer and hide those sleep-deprived eyes girls! Retouch our color and pluck those grey hairs. To be brutally honest, Venus won’t travel anywhere without her make-up bag. Goddess knows what artifice can do for a woman…

Hmmm, to capture Venus naked, in her unawares – c’est possible? Surely, it’s not an easy task, although her retrograde motion means she’s unloading her old garb in preparation for a major makeover. Nude and naked, perhaps she’s a walking, talking paradox? The idyllic Venus, a Maxfield Parrish picture with wisps of clouds floating between sea and mountain scapes, a lovely lady with a flowing gown, swinging as a young buck leaning on a Roman column pops grapes and chocolate into her mouth clearly clashes with the reality of the planet, barren, waterless, with lethal levels of sulfuric acid. Ah, love hurts. We get it. Venus has a built in illusion clause, true to loves form, a degree in prettying up for the camera. She has that pesky habit of glamorizing her own self-image just a wee bit, a little air-brush over here, nip and tuck there. She allows us to keep our precious illusions until we’re ready to part with them, one by one…

Will the real Venus please stand up?

Here’s the skinny on our girl: Ancient civilizations feared Venus. When the Aztecs saw Venus rise with the Sun, they took to their houses in fright. “And when it [Venus] newly emerged, much fear came over them; all were frightened. Everywhere the outlets and openings of [houses] were closed up. It was said that perchance [the light] might bring a cause of sickness, something evil when it came to emerge.” The Mayans timed their wars to Venus’ cycle. They made sacrifices to her so she wouldn’t destroy valuables, or worse, steal the Sun, sending the world into eternal darkness. What made Venus – to whom astrology attributes the beloved concepts of relatedness, values, feelings, pleasure and love – so fearsome and wrathful? Is it a case of mistaken identity or a question of seeing what we want to see? (By the way, I call Venus a ‘she’ because she’s the only feminine planet in the solar system. We all know Love isn;t gender-identified)

Happy New Year, Venus!

The cycle of Venus is 584 days. Approximately 1½ calendar years equals one Venus year. As the planet travels through these 584 days, she elegantly patterns a five-fold star, or pentagram, tracing backward and forward to complete. At the inferior conjunction, she’s at her closest point to the Sun, initiating a new Venus life cycle AND at the superior conjunction, she’s furthest from the Sun, holding a balance for awareness. Right now in the retrograde cycle, we’re rounding the final lap of this past Venus year. When she meets with the Sun on August 17 she forms a sort of Venus New Moon. If you’ve moonwatched, you know that New Moons seed new cycles. So it goes for Venus. 7 days later in the morning sky (around August 22) we can see her rise with the Sun and it’s a whole new day for love! We’re starting anew in relationship, and the intentions we carry in our hearts we carry to the future. Yay! First, you know the story: darkness before light. In the 7 days before New Venus emerges from the underworld she appears her darkest. She’s invisible from the night sky and she’s not on holiday. She’s in the underworld. This lady’s going down.

Yes, underworld. Don’t let it scare you, dears. Like any story it’s symbolic, not literal. Sumeria has this wonderful myth of Innana or Ashtar, their personal Venus, aka goddess of sexuality, fertility AND warfare. According to legend, Innana could be found at the local pub bagging hot men OR picking a fight, not necessarily in that order. Innana had this dark sister named Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld, whose brother had died so she decided to pop on in for the funeral. Being Venus (ahem), she had to look the part so dressed in her finest jewelry, wearing lapis lazuli, mascara and even a wig. She just so happened to ask several Gods to search for her if she went missing, you know just in case something went wrong. Was she going down to start a war  or as an act of love toward her sister? The legend is unclear here, pointing to Venus’ uncertain motives. So down she goes passing 7 gates removing pieces of her costume, one by one. By the time she passes the final gate, she is stripped, naked before the Queen. Ereshkigal is openly hostile toward her worldly sister. After all, in Innana’s world of sex and war, death has no place. Without her fighting gear, naked Innana is vulnerable to attack. Ereshkigal kills her sister and grotesquely hangs her from a meat hook.

So when the Gods Enlil, Nanna and Enki were recruited to save our Venus, the first two refused to help, claiming it was her own selfish mess. (Ironically, Innana’s own husband Dumuzi was unmoved to action on his wife’s behalf. Myth makes the point that he was not wearing mourning clothes and was otherwise pleasantly enjoying life, his pleasures undisturbed by his wife’s death.) So Enki went down south to fetch Innana, expressed deep concern over what was troubling Ereshkigal and with heart-to-heart conversation, some food and drink, Ereshkigal revived Innana. With baggage: demons. The demons would follow her until they found someone to take her place. Those demons were hungry for those shadow-y qualities of Venus, laziness, vanity, pursuit of self-interest. Surely her husband Dumuzi was an easy replacement. Heck, I’d deem him a necessary sacrifice, too. But we don’t need to sacrifice our partner during this retrograde period, do we ladies? That would be an evolutionary step backwards…

Innana’s symbolic descent into the underworld begins at Venus retrograde. We’re stripped of our superficial values and asked for our deeper ones. What are they? Are we bound by vanity and self-protection, or is there a place for bare bones death and transformation? There’s no point in posturing or posing, as Innana tragically discovered. Her inauthenticity led to her demise and indirectly, her huband’s. So mightn’t we strip ourselves of our illusions now or be stripped of them later? What do we need to relinquish? Maybe we need to relinquish the illusion of life over death, or our disregard for the natural cycles, the ups and downs of relationship (it’s not always up is it). Can you stand before your lover, naked? Holding an image of perfection – that is, never letting your lover see you without make-up for example or only showing your best face instead of your true one creates false illusions and suffering. The dark needs light, nude needs naked.

There are certain things Western Astrology advises against during Venus retrograde times (see below) and maybe for good reason, but a healthier and more empowering perspective suggests we strip down to our skivvies in heart matters. Really. When we’re nude, we’re participating in an illusion. On a physical level, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to appear our best. Beauty is magical. How wonderful to celebrate, relish and delight beauty! Yet, on a psychological level, hasn’t vanity destroyed enough relationships and started too many wars (hmmm…not just the Trojan War)? How far do we go with preserving our self-image, our pursuit of pleasure and at what cost? Let’s face it, when we’re naked, we’re honest. We’re defenseless and vulnerable. But oh, so powerful. Think of Lady Godiva horseback, long hair whipping against her naked body. Her singular naked act freed England from oppression.

And that’s the naked truth.

Standard notes on retrograde Venus:
Don’t make a major relationship decision, to marry or break-up. Relationships make a 180 degree turn then correct at Venus’ direct
Avoid cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments
Don’t make big purchases
Social events may disappoint
Relationships require extra attention and care
Save your makeover until Venus moves direct
People pursue pleasure with more voracity and criticize other’s aesthetic
Extreme differences in taste appear
Money and personal values clash

Mercury and Memory: I’ve Heard it All Before

Okay folks, retrograde Mercury in Cancer has thoroughly reached a dead stop. The lord of ebb and flow, that cosmic administrative assistant who keeps the wheels of the brain turning, your computer’s RAM accessible and your appointment calendar straight has been at the same 3 degrees of Cancer since July 4th! And even though Mercury technically begins moving forward (from the earth’s perspective – Mercury never moves backwards literally) it won’t make it to 4 degrees until July13th. To elucidate this slow waltz, Mercury usually moves between 1 ½ to 3 degrees A DAY. Things aren’t only not moving forward, they’re in a holding pattern till next weekend. No, this isn’t your energetic can-can (we’ll see that when Mercury moves into Leo in August), this is a very dreamy trance dance.

Moving backwards. Where the planet moves backwards, the mind follows. Emotionally, fluidly, memories hold water. Thought resists form. Try holding a cup of water without a cup. Try paddling upstream. Time moves forward, but something’s frozen in there. It’s a memory. We have memories we don’t like and memories we do. Mercury in Cancer beams them down to earth as raw emotion. It’s a little confusing. First, rarely do we have control over what we remember. That the soul, in her mystery, attaches emotional importance to particular memories, we know. The smell of apple pie. The embrace of someone who loves you. The pain of having been hurt. Good memories are replayed. But, in the case of trauma, why, we wonder, are bad memories replayed? Mercury’s memories can bridge gaps in awareness at the right time, or the wrong time. Pick up tomatoes at the grocery; brush teeth; remember broken heart. Recall is great, but how great is remembering the same pain all the time, the same worry, or the same tragic scene replayed over and over and over…? If our consciousness is an email address for the universe to reach us, those memories are the kind we’d rather not accept. Return to sender. Do we have a choice?

Maybe we do have a choice. Remember the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? One of my all time favorite movies. Briefly, the main character played by brokenhearted Jim Carrey wanted to forget his ex-girlfriend Clem (Kate Winslet) so went to a shmuck who erased her from his memory. One by one, his memories were plucked away. Dissolved. To many, the idea of having one’s memory wiped is mildly to majorly terrifying. But for people who suffer a tragedy over and over, by reliving it in memory, it’s a hopeful thought. Personally, uncomfortable memories have been apart of my consciousness as long as I can remember. Ha! No, really, how many times (in my teens and 20’s) did I wish for release from the purgatory of memory? So many. Because I saw how memories of negative events had a way of controlling my ability to be fully present. Is this real, or is this a pattern of expectancy created from memory? Ask this question enough and you begin to feel like a hostage at your Aunt or Uncle’s house, forced to sit on the sofa and watch home movies and vacation slides… from two decades ago. (When life resembles history, it’s time to move on.) My natal Mercury is in Cancer so I have a pretty strong sense of how the body patterns itself through emotional memories. The body is so inextricably tied to memory that we can create disease, or years of walking around as an emotional cripple. Some people say our whole conscious self is built on a string of memories. We’re remembering ourselves every day…

Ahem, which reminds me why I’m writing…As so often happens with real-time astrology, I was listening to an NPR segment today on memory. The show began: where do you keep your memory? And can we locate it in your brain? Well, yes. Science says memories are proteins, quite visible in the human brain. And if we can see it, we can understand it and then change it right? Scientists experimented with a protein on lab rats and discovered if given another specific protein during the moment of associative memory recall (the kind of memory that hears a bell, feels a painful shock and then associates the bell with the shocking pain) the rats forgot the pain. In other words, whereas the bell once caused them to brace for the certain pain, after the memory-erasing protein, they forgot bell = pain. Bell could’ve meant “dinner.” So they tried the experiment on a human being: a woman who was tragically raped in her youth, and because of her mother’s disbelief, told no one. After keeping this haunting secret for so many years, she participated in the experiment, and as she recalled the abuse, the memory-eraser was administered. Result: while she didn’t completely forget the trauma, the emotional suffering associated with the trauma was greatly relieved. If fact, the emotional effect of the trauma was so greatly reduced that after telling no one for her entire life, she was now able to talk about it on television.

That lifetime memory? It was created in only a moment. But it’s the emotional interpretation of our experience combined with the fact that we keep repeating it that makes a negative event disabling. And by looping it through our minds, for better or worse, we relive the emotions and the memory for a lifetime. There are great memories worth holding onto, right? A baby’s first steps, a surprise birthday party. All in favor of memory say hurrah! But the funny thing is, scientists say the more we relive a memory, the less reliable it becomes. After the initial kiss or pain, every time we remember, we’re literally re-creating it. My husband and I have re-lived our first kiss a hundred times, and even though we retell the tale for strictly sentimental, feelgood reasons and not for accuracy, I’m certain I know less about how it really was today than I did on that romantic, moonlit evening under the stars… (Were there even stars?)

So every time we re-create the memory, we get further from the truth. That’s right, there is no such thing as a true memory. Scientists say that the purest memory is one that’s un-remembered. They say, only amnesiacs have a memory bank as pristine as an Alpine mountain stream. The amnesiacs are untouched by mythologizing, romanticizing and increasing loss of accuracy. The rest of us are revisionists, making up personal histories as we go along. (The nostalgic romantics among us have permission to sadly sigh now) What was, existed only in the moment – you can’t take it with you. And from this perspective, why would you want to? Apparently, by remembering, all you do is cloud and sully your pristine mountain spring with inaccuracies.

But wait, a beautifully reassuring thought arises: the remembrances I’m not aware of are quite possibly the purest pieces of my being. A brand spanking new memory that bubbles up in my consciousness is a momentous observation of my own purity, once removed (because I’m remembering it). If only those memories that bubble up for the very first time are close to being remotely true, the things I don’t remember must be far closer to Truth than the repetitive stories I tell myself. As I contemplate this delicious new awareness, it dawns on me: Oh, I must be a pure mystery. How exciting! And the past? Well, that’s just totally unreliable. This may be an uncomfortable thought for some, but let that thought in and feel the freedom, taste the independence! Here’s a liberating mantra to try on for size – I am not who I remember myself as being. Because when you realize that only original stories are true ones, and those are gone in a flash, you become sneakily suspicious about those re-remembered memories. A potato isn’t a potato once it’s become a hash brown, right? You get my gist. So what is their agenda, those repeat memories? What are/were they thinking? The saying goes, if I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times… and I don’t know about you but once is enough for me.

Here’s the juice: I’ve asked that question for much of my life. While I’ve my ad-hoc theories, therapists, and self-help books none adequately addressed the emotional and physical suffering that painful memories cause – until I found Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. My physical experience tells me all physical and psychological distress is stored in the cosmic emotional memory bank, and that sucker keeps re-investing those memory coins till you figure out a new place to deposit them (in Astrology, the whole natal chart is karmic by nature, but karma destined for the REPLAY button, aka your “life story”, is found in the nodes of the Moon). EFT, known as the “tapping cure,” is deceptively simple– you’re guided through a process of tapping on energy or energy meridians while actively remembering the specific memory tied to your specific symptom. Painful memories are a call for healing – which is why all healing modalities ask you to remember – when you first felt this way, what it reminds you of. The soul’s remembered story is a vital piece for your self-understanding, but the point is this: you are more than your memories.

Ha! Try convincing a stubborn bodily symptom, that. When emotional memories run deep enough, the body communicates like crazy. But with the help of an EFT practitioner, you activate the ingrained memory by re-telling it but this time release it with a message of self-acceptance. Then you tap that self-acceptance right into your Chi channels. Whereas the scientists administered a drug to the rats and the woman during memory recall, EFT administers the ultimate healer: Love. Sound too easy? I’ve seen many, many healers, and beyond the shadow of a doubt I know the Original healer is unconditional love. Period. In fact, if I were asked to define healing I’d say healing is love. Cancer’s gift is unconditional love and self-acceptance, so our retrograde Mercury Juju is remedying those leaky pipes of memory and self-confusion with a truer understanding of who we are. To get past the endless re-creation of another untrue story, let’s unclog our brains, and release into the watershed of the Original emotion. We are Love.

Article Review – The Age of Dissonance; Blame the Messenger

THE AGE OF DISSONANCE; Blame the Messenger by Bob Morris

Published The New York Times 4/18/04, available at

This article solicits feedback about the phenomena of Mercury retrograde, which happens several times a year in 3 week periods. Mercury Retrograde defined: Mercury was named after the Roman messenger God and occasionally his orbit gets so slow that he appears to move backward in the sky. As the author tries to decide whether to take any of it seriously, he discovers many levelheaded and celeb fabulous people do. Yes, communication goes awry. Yes, deals fall through. No, don’t buy a new computer. But what you didn’t know was, Mercury retrograde has an underground following. I think it falls in the category of modern day folk wisdom. Everyone who’s experienced it is a believer.

A) An LA psychiatrist’s patients tell her they can’t sign contracts or keep commitments during Merc Rx (which she sees as a thin excuse for irresponsibility). Of course you do. You’re a psychiatrist.

B) Celebs are paying attention to Mercury. Marla Maples is cautious during the period, ”It’s a time to be more conscious of everything that’s happening.” Singer Taylor Dayne is a Mercury watcher who avoids making record deals when Mercury’s Rx. “It’s Murphy’s Law…but 10 times worse,” she said.

C) Make-up artist Lori Klein likens Rx to a really bad case of PMS, you see it as a sort of warning to “…keep to yourself rather than flying into a rage for no reason.”

D) The standard advice was offered: standard computer back-ups, reflecting more, going slowly.

The author himself admits to blurting out foot in mouth remarks at inopportune moments during Mercury Rx periods. This is when a compassionate friend introduced the whole Mercury phenomenon. He’s still not a believer, but floats it as a “trendy alibi” to excuse various errata. Touche.

Coquettish Mercury in Cancer moves backwards 6/15 – 7/09

Mercury, the bugger we love to love and love to hate. It’s an ambiguous relationship, as ambiguous as Silver Toes his self, err her self. Whatever. You love your computer right? Maybe you hate it today? See my point? When everything’s going smoothly and it works we love, love, love Mercury. Like a fickle lover we’ve grown comfortable with, we take he/she/it for granted. We just don’t think about how grand it is to have email (that works!), a cell phone, a land line, internet service and the post man…who always delivers. Ooh, but when things get retrograde crazy girl, it’s like that cell phone T.V. commercial. You know the one where the daughter calls mom from Vegas.
Mom: ‘What are you doing in Vegas, honey? You wouldn’t do anything silly like get married would you?’
The call drops.
Mom: panics.
Mom: jumps to conclusions.
‘Honey, are you there? Honey, you’re not getting married are you?’
Mom: at her wits end.
‘Honey, don’t make the same mistake your father and I made!’
We can only wonder if dad overheard that untimely comment. Perhaps daughter is hearing this for the first time, too (OMG, my parent’s marriage is a sham!) That’s how Mercury retrograde is…Oh, the havoc, the heartache, the communication meltdowns he/she/it can wreak. Let’s take a step back and take a breather…

Mercury is going retrograde in Cancer for 3 weeks. Jumping to conclusions is probably not a good idea. You’ll have more than one chance too – guaranteed. When your boyfriend doesn’t call, it’ll be easy to launch into insecurities…even though he’s very reliable, generally. Give these Mercury retrograde moments the benefit of the doubt – your doubt. Doubt that the inconsiderate slight was actually intended. Chances are it was something unanticipated. Cancer is a touchy-feely sign, very sensitive. Because both the Moon and Mercury relate directly to memory, memories will surface easily, especially heart memories. Steven Forrest, a teacher of mine, likened the Moon to the memory written on your heart. The heart doesn’t record details, it records feelings…your first kiss, prom night, your grandma’s funeral. You remember what you were wearing that day, your sweetie’s name or the most amazing Amazing Grace you’ve ever heard, because it left a heart impression. The heart has fuzzy logic, the details aren’t important – it’s the feeling that counts. Whereas Mercury memory is akin to your computer’s Random Access Memory, the place you store bits of information temporarily. Mercury information is uncommitted and temporary – random because it has no physical location, and can be retrieved quickly. According to wikipedia, RAM is short, reliable and consistent. Like a conversation.

So what happens when head and heart slow down? The fuzziest of logic. You may have to bypass RAM altogether and go straight for the psychic gist of things. Feeling sensitivity is strong – your feelers are attuned to the heart content, not the words. Hence, incredible subjectivity and overreaction overrule logic– especially where family and home are concerned.

Prepare to repeat conversations at least twice, probably three times, as a rule of thumb. Prepare to revisit heart memories at least twice, probably three times, as a rule of thumb. Do I repeat myself? How annoying.

Here are a few tips to avoid repeating the same thing twice (also called a mistake).

Accept no job. It’s not the right time. It will turn out differently than you expected.
Sign no contracts – unless you’ve already decided to do so, prior to this third week of June.
Double check your plane tickets, travel plans. Arrive early. Delays are likely.
Don’t fight the cancellations, double booked plans, and random no-shows. It’s all apart of the cosmic plan.
Basically, don’t start anything new, especially if you’re in the information business.
Don’t move house – unless you’ve taken care of everything prior to this time.
Don’t ride on empty. Fill your gas tank. If your car has an arthritic knee, don’t ask it to run a marathon.
Don’t sell your prized possession on a whim. Actually, don’t take any unreasonable risks. You’ll regret it later.

Go forth boldly in these things:
Anything beginning with “re-“: remember, re-pot a plant, resell your used clothes, return to a place you love, remodel your kitchen… With one exception: it’s likely not a good time to return to an old love relationship, especially if it was broken to begin with.
Visit with old friends, relatives, reunions. Yay!
Dream often and deeply, take care of old business, finish up projects you’ve already begun.
Talk it out in therapy. Cancer loves therapy, so it’s a fab time to dig into your root cellar and deeply re-hash and emote for a final good-riddance (it’s also the sign of “endings”).
Don’t push the river. Really. What’s the point in that? Go to the beach instead. Cancer energy needs sea-space, solitude, reflective down time. Keep expectations on yourself and others reasonable, easy. Expect change. Who’s really in control here, anyhow?
Give your computer a break when it acts up. Step outside.

Remember, we love Mercury because he’s the mastermind of communication and transportation, the genie inside the computer, the telephone, subway, highway, mail system and the piece of gossip (or information) that lands on our ear at exactly the right moment. Remember, don’t kill the messenger. He/she/it needs a summer vacation, too.

Thank Mercury for Mercury.