Scorpio New Moon, The Taboo In Transformation

I’ve been thinking a lot about transformation, lately.

During Scorpio season we talk about the transformative power of letting go. I have to admit that during a Pluto transit this idea has proven personally elusive to me. Culturally, we tend to value the external rewards of radical change with our obsessive glamorizing of transformation (fashion, weight-loss) & starting over (a la Eat, Pray, Love). Things would be better if… But unless we’re Lady Gaga, change isn’t often so dramatic, nor external. And what is it, exactly, that we are letting go of? [Read more…]


Lily was looking for a way to leave her life. Fate helped to intervene. Fate, and Lily’s unconscious mind.

Lily had consulted an Astrologer who told her she was having a Pluto transit. She learned the symbolism of the phoenix bird- the magical bird of transformation that exploded into flames and was reborn from it’s own ashes.

The Astrologer also told her that she was now ready to face all of her deepest betrayals and secret wounds. (Lily wasn’t so sure). This came with an ominous warning: if she did not, they may painfully recreate in the present day… Maybe it was the power of suggestion, or maybe it was the strong smokey Frankincense, but at that exact moment Lily spontaneously remembered a buried memory from long ago: in a mall parking lot, as a small child. It was a summer’s day and the family car overheated, exploding into flames. Later that day her dad left her. That was the day she promised she would never ever be beholden to a man. She wondered how it was all connected to right now. Then pushed the memory out of her mind.

Lily thought later, about what the woman had said, something about her un-lived passion and desires setting flame to anyone or anything untrue or false in her life. This made sense to Lily. It was time for change. Of this, she was sure.

On the day Venus disappeared behind the Sun becoming invisible to the human eye, Lily arranged a meeting at the Phoenix Cafe. Some say Lily and Dirk’s engagement wasn’t meant to be…those people affectionately called Lily, Lily Free As a Bird and that day at the cafe the air was thick with signs and omens. Lily’s body felt heavy with dread of what was to come. She didn’t know what, really (she had rented a get out of town car, just in case). She knew only that she wanted out… So Lily closed the door on the past, destroyed and with heart aching, left.

Pluto is relentless. Everything falls apart before it comes together.

Then Lily was a bird …a phoenix bird, exploding into flames…and she was free.

August T-Squares To Focal Pluto: There’s No Place Like Om

dorothy and the tornadoDear Jessica,

I just spent a day running errands and it seems like everyone is darting around making risky turns, traffic is piling up and one car even died in the middle of a busy intersection! I am a 2 degree libra rising and one of my best friends has a 4 degree Aries rising. I have no idea how these planets will change this week for us or even society. What are your thoughts?


T-square alert: Pluto is at the apex of a Mars-Jupiter opposition. But that’s not all; Saturn in Libra hovers near Mars while Uranus is nearby Jupiter in Aries, positing the question astrologers love to dread, ‘…but….what does THAT mean?’ Speaking as someone astrologically qualified to answer but also knee deep in the thick of it (all planets, within 3 degrees, exactly aspect my Sun-Pluto-Mars t-square), I couldn’t have written this blog a week ago. I was too shaky. I myself feel like Dorothy watching the tornado come down the road to sweep away Auntie Em and anything Dorothy thought was as safe as houses… even while I understand that sometimes sweeping changes are exactly what’s needed. That doesn’t make things any easier now, does it? [Read more…]

Saturn in Libra Square Pluto: Taking Up The Long Conversation With Astrology

Munch EyeInEye 1894While Saturn was transiting Virgo, one of my clients asked whether she should put down a loving and loyal pet, a dog, who had been hit by a car. Saturn in Virgo was beyond difficult on humanity’s little helpers as many of my clients and friends found their pets with terribly costly health problems. We weighed the merits of each side of the decision. The dog was a loyal friend but the cost of rehabilitation would be costly – she was struggling to pay her bills. She is also a caring and compassionate woman who loved her dog and couldn’t imagine putting down one of God’s creatures. In a quiet moment of contemplation, as though she were asking God for an answer, she asked me a memorable question: “I’ve always thought something astrology can do is help us make better choices. So…how can astrology help me with this?” My astrological knees quivered. This wasn’t just an astrological exploration – it was a personal and spiritual one.

Ultimately, we unpacked the astrology that day, examining her life with dogs, in retrospect. I’ll never forget this conversation because she honestly asked me a question which I continually ask myself: How does astrology help? With the realities of bad situations getting worse, our own individual suffering becoming harder to deny, and the darkening of the collective mood, quick and dirty astrology can certainly confirm our deepest fears (oh no, it’s Pluto and Saturn, the malefics and bringers of doom!). We want astrology to be helpful not harmful. So what kind of answers does astrology give us? And is it designed to answer anything at all? [Read more…]

Scorpio New Moon : Hecate’s Moon & Graveyards

Today’s Scorpio New Moon is known by those in Pagan circles as Hecate’s Moon. Hecate is the Pagan Goddess of the Underworld and she ferries, from one life phase to another, those who are undergoing cycles of transition. A three-headed Goddess of the Maiden, Mother and Crone, her energy is present during those liminal spaces of time during which we feel “in the dark”; in the dark about the future, lost, or uncertain about which way to go, or somewhere between death and new life. At times when the future appears hazy and unclear and thick as coastal fog, out of the grey mist Hecate’s bony fingers reach for us – through our unconscious, dreamworlds, invisible dimensions, and “occult” tools – penetrating the thick confusion by offering guidance from other realms. Scorpio, or Hecate’s New Moon empowers us to psychologically & spiritually look inward to harness the supernatural power we all have at our fingertips, and if we’re stuck, to actively seek out ways to remove any blockages to our vitality.

[Read more…]

Earthbound No More: Why People Are Dying

Death leaves us with so many questions. With the smattering of public figure deaths happening on the world stage, the latest one isn’t about the mysterious circumstances of Michael’s but, why are so many people dying?  An astrological look may help. First, New Moons represent birth and death symbolically. The last New Moon in Cancer (a sign associated with public: figures, mood and sentiment) was opposed by, or in cahoots with, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld & Death (also the planetoid formerly known as planet). Pluto in Capricorn is a harbinger for breakdown in the system, and the types of structural changes and reality checks that can only be experienced from the bottom up. I can relate this New Moon with Pluto to a dream I had about a pregnant mother – who was my own. I was unclear whether she was pregnant or just carrying a bowling ball of dead weight around her belly. Pluto asks: is it dead or alive?  [Read more…]