Pluto, Saturn, Squares, First House Planets: Trust Your Authority

After my previous V-Day Plutonian post, I was talking to a long-term counseling client who told me the whole situation would’ve scared her. Wasn’t I scared, she asked, Didn’t I feel violated by unsolicited attention? I can’t say I didn’t feel incredibly unnerved by being the object of someone’s affection. However, my fears were mostly about my own ability to live in the center of my own life. To be nervy, but to not lose my nerve. To trust my own authority. [Read more…]

Saturn in Libra: Committed

older-couple-turq-bagMy husband and I have mutual affection for older couples; we love watching them together and turning to one another, saying, ‘that’ll be you and I one day’. I adore those elder elegant couples who’ve weathered time so well, gracefully. I love observing those little private moments we all share in relationship. A seventy-odd year old woman talking to her husband, as though to the air. He, half-listening, interrupting to ask his beloved if she remembered to take her pills today. She, replying no he hadn’t, and he, ‘let me get them for you…’

Not to romanticize growing old together, it takes a lot of work to get to the graceful, wise and cute stage, hence my fascination. Because as we partner up to grow old together, a sure thing is never really a sure thing, is it? Promises are made; some break. Relationships don’t just require one single vow of dedication. We make the commitment to show up, and keep showing up. [Read more…]

Astrology of Travel, Saturn: Running With the Devil

DSC00101Travel is stunningly synchronistic: our destinations choose us, for, wherever you go, there you are. Unsurprisingly one’s travel agenda often brings along one’s transits. Mine currently: Saturn and Pluto, not anyone’s idea of a vacation. Foreknowledge may be forewarned, but nothing prepared me for… duh duh duh… a double Saturn line (and a Saturn lunation). Never have I so clearly experienced, as Liz Greene describes, Saturn as the Devil. My own little Gemini Saturn has been good to me, but a triple dose was bedeviling. The Devil almost completely tricked me into succumbing to defeat; there were certainly enough problems. Yet, negativity, defeat, self-remorse…that’s how the Devil works his evil ways. Below, my astro-travel logue into the dark of Spain (Saturn in bold).

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Saturn in Libra Square Pluto: Taking Up The Long Conversation With Astrology

Munch EyeInEye 1894While Saturn was transiting Virgo, one of my clients asked whether she should put down a loving and loyal pet, a dog, who had been hit by a car. Saturn in Virgo was beyond difficult on humanity’s little helpers as many of my clients and friends found their pets with terribly costly health problems. We weighed the merits of each side of the decision. The dog was a loyal friend but the cost of rehabilitation would be costly – she was struggling to pay her bills. She is also a caring and compassionate woman who loved her dog and couldn’t imagine putting down one of God’s creatures. In a quiet moment of contemplation, as though she were asking God for an answer, she asked me a memorable question: “I’ve always thought something astrology can do is help us make better choices. So…how can astrology help me with this?” My astrological knees quivered. This wasn’t just an astrological exploration – it was a personal and spiritual one.

Ultimately, we unpacked the astrology that day, examining her life with dogs, in retrospect. I’ll never forget this conversation because she honestly asked me a question which I continually ask myself: How does astrology help? With the realities of bad situations getting worse, our own individual suffering becoming harder to deny, and the darkening of the collective mood, quick and dirty astrology can certainly confirm our deepest fears (oh no, it’s Pluto and Saturn, the malefics and bringers of doom!). We want astrology to be helpful not harmful. So what kind of answers does astrology give us? And is it designed to answer anything at all? [Read more…]

Constructive or Destructive Criticism?…a Saturn Story

Maybe it’s my Saturn in Gemini, and Mars stirring up energy around that,wonder woman I find myself thinking about the inner critic, and the power of criticism. Where did I learn that criticism would always come before praise? Among other answers, I hear my child self say: grade school. I remember handing in most of my schoolwork, receiving it back – and all I could see was red. Those red pens still make me shudder. Teachers might think about removing those red, nasty, mean pens and start using…purple. Purple is magical and creative. Or even blue; blue is flow and change. My guess is they don’t learn color psychology in elementary trainining 101. They’re too busy learning how to make those big fat red X’s.

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Saturn Retrograde Is OOO

Saturn in Virgo needs a day off. Okay, maybe a few months – till May. desk-on-a-beachHey, Saturn deserves it, we deserve it. We’ve been working so hard, honing our craft, putting all the details in order, making that list, checking it twice…It’s the first Saturn in Virgo retrograde, so we could all use some time to sync up with the projects and ambitions undertaken since September. If we’ve been “nose to the grindstone” maybe during this period we can begin to use the big picture energy of Jupiter in Capricorn to enlighten our vision. [Read more…]