Virgo Says: Need Specific Help, Perspective, Recommendations. Stat.

Dear Jessica – Do you have any specific recommendations for a Virgo while Saturn is in Virgo? It must not be a coincidence that a few weeks ago I felt compelled to pick up “Soul Without Shame” again (working on/with our inner critic) in preparation of something, what I cannot say. I can sense in a crystal clear way that this is my work for the next few years but my heart is heavy at the seemingly insurmountable work ahead despite my best efforts to gain a different perspective. If Saturn tends to highlight the flaws of the sign it’s in, won’t this be a challenging time for Virgos to find perspective on the whole since we tend to have overactive inner critics. How do we find the perspective when things appear double stacked?

Dear Concerned,

Before advising, I really want to give you specific recommendations, Virgo, I really do. Yet I’ve sat down several times to write, and stalled out. In my frustration, I had the strange impulse to make you a guidebook, to hire a research assistant [Read more…]

Saturn’s School of Hard Knocks

schoolteacher saturnAh, bummer. Do I have to write about Saturn? A certain voice in my head tries to distract me. Procrastinate a little. What’s up with Venus, say what about Mars? Seriously , it says now clearly annoyed, straightening its uniform, tapping its foot. Better pay attention. The teacher doesn’t have all day.

Here’s the gist of Saturn’s classroom. You’re on your way to school…

A whisper: That was the first bell and if you’re not in your seat by the second bell…

A thought: Oh crap, I forgot to sharpen my pencils. And there’s a test today…

A teacher: You’re late again (booming voice echoes through the silent classroom). I’ll see you at 3:00 – for detention!

That’s the feeling tone of our first Saturn experience – we’re held accountable by a strict headmistress. Our experience of Saturn changes over time, we become a little more polished and sophisticated at the expectant wagging finger.

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Streamlining With Saturn in Virgo

shrinking woman

Saturn is leaving Leo and entering Virgo on September 3. The schoolteacher is wearing nun’s clothes. For all Virgos (Virgo rising, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini, aka the Mutable Signs) there will be points during the next 2 years when you’re humbled by the teacher… and are tested. You will be made smaller to be made bigger. No, you’re not the incredible shrinking woman or man (unless you’re a Virgo rising!). The Teacher and the Virgin both have an affinity for narrowing options to get to the root issue. And clarifying the root issue is extremely positive, helpful for finding your way out of a life rut.

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