Aquarius New Moon: Get Radical

It’s Aquarius Moon time –time to nurture your inner radical. If you think of rioters, hippies and uni-bombers when you think of radicals, you may be surprised to learn the etymology of the word radical comes from the Latin word radix, which means root. Radical literally means “forming the root” or “going to the origin, essence”. Uranus/Aquarius reminds us that radical acts are only those that form and strengthen our essence, origin, truth. [Read more…]

Checking In On The Uranus Pluto Square

Phoenix_detail_from_Aberdeen_BestiaryThere is a cosmic tone happening right now, and it will continue through 2015. Many people are questioning whether their life as it is, is truly sustainable. Individual circumstances vary but the feelings of unhappiness, despair are common and at core there is a deep inner knowing that what we have been doing for the last XX years is not supporting the future person we want to become. This is not only true for some of us individually, but as we are seeing, it is true for us collectively as a whole. Systems in our government are broken,  false starts leading to perpetual impasse. Individuals are in jobs, relationships and situations that are holding them back, yet the path forward is unclear for a time, and then when the truth of what must happen does reveal itself (in a dramatic, painful call from the authentic Self), answering that call feels, and perhaps is, threatening to the survival of the body, job, relationship, Self and Ego. Something may need to be given up, to die, to move forward; something may need to so dramatically change that even if outer circumstances stay the same, it feels like a death is occurring. [Read more…]

Venus-Pluto-Uranus Transit: Peeling the Onion

We really don’t know what we’re getting into when we fall in love with another, do we? We fall under the spell of love, we fall for someone trustworthy, kind and true, and trust that no matter what comes our way, the tender feelings we have for one another will insulate and protect us from what inevitably comes next. Given the right person, barring a criminal history or other red flags, it would be silly to think it’s not worth the risk. Love is the ultimate reality, and many know that God is Love, too.

We take a vow, make a commitment to our Love, to love, honor, respect in sickness, in health…and a host of other potentials. What comes next…is hard. It can happen five months down the road, or five years. The inevitability of love is that eventually something will challenge it in the deepest way. When something devastating or unexpected blindsides us, we are forced to trace backwards how it “got this bad”. Maybe we can start to see how poor communication, piled up resentments, a mutual unwillingness to have an honest conversation contributed to this. Maybe we never thought that letting that same argument go (over and over) could erode the attraction and affection we have for each other, let alone the very center of our union. A failure to adequately resolve what is happening in the present creates the atmosphere of living under a volcano. And these oppressed emotions and unspoken words are like time bombs. [Read more…]

Uranus Direct: Surrender The SuperEgo

Welcome Uranus Direct! Uranus retrograde has allowed us to get real familiar with how our SuperEgo limits our person-hood. Our SuperEgo is that part of us that is chock full of shoulds, judgment about being too out- there, different, weird, and whenever we experience an authentic call from the Self, SuperEgo has plenty of advice about what we cannot and definitely should not, do. Uranus is like that status quo figure, The Heirophant, in the Tarot, or the person in your life who will always tell you you should be a banker, lawyer, doctor –when you know in the depths of your heart you will die if you cannot be an astrologer. Who will you listen to? [Read more…]

Uranus Retrograde: Steal Back Your Fire

“Be yourself and you can be anything.” -tagline for Katy Perry movie

“Love your weirdness.” The Daily Love, on the Katy Perry movie

We often think of Uranus as the planet of mavericks and geniuses, the Bill Gates of the planetary pantheon. Or maybe as the planet of weirdos and freaks, the rainbow wearing Wavy Gravy guy or someone with a “progressive” style. But those who have paid attention to how Uranus works in real life will notice something paradoxical about the way Uranus, the Teacher, teaches us to fly our freak flag high and proud, be weird or brilliant. Because for as many Katy Perry’s who have successfully claimed their genius (and weirdness), for as many people who appear to have become immune to social acceptance and belonging, many more know that identifying, then resisting the pressures of cultural programming, then finding a whole new way of life that feels authentic and true…is a lifelong journey. [Read more…]

Aries New Moon: I AM Uranus

As the Sun moves through the constellations, once again we find our selves at the beginning: Aries. The zodiacal sign of Aries has over the years, earned my admiration. Full of vigor, can-do and the enthusiasm of perpetual springtime, Aries has the power to turn away from the past, the whole 11 signs that came before.  After swimming with the Fishes, Aries juts chin out and in an act born of defiance & Truth makes this moment, this life, this day, brand new. No other sign can claim that.

Sure, I have admiration and even love for this sign. But I don’t look forward to this season. [Read more…]