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NEW: I offer readings: (1) in-person in Fairfax, California (2) over the phone or by Skype*. If you feel you cannot connect by phone, in person or Skype please email me (before purchasing a session) at to discuss other alternatives. I typically book out 2-4 weeks in advance, but occasionally have same week sessions as my schedule permits so please do ask. All sessions (except mentoring-counseling) are recorded MP3′s (sorry, no CD’s) and emailed to you within 48 hours after our session. All readings are approximately 90 minutes unless otherwise specified. To chose a reading, consult menu of services below.

Questions? Click here for frequently asked questions. Read TESTIMONIALS from clients. If you still have questions email me at

*Exceptions: starred readings are available as written reports only


Confirm your session with a payment. Sessions are typically scheduled Weds-Fri from 11 AM- 5 PM Pacific Time; weekend sessions are booked on exception and will require a longer wait. For payment: select the appropriate button below. This will send you to a secure Paypal site (which also accepts credit cards; to pay by check, email me for address).

After I receive proof of payment, I will email you to schedule our session, and send you a one page Q&A intake from to return to me 48 hours prior to our session. The more answers you can supply, the more useful your reading with me tends to be. Your complete answers help me to: connect with you, connect with your chart, create a shared field, and give you a more clear, relevant astrology reading.

Personal Readings

Natal Reading 

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You want to discover more about who you are. This reading explores major life areas like: life purpose, soul karma, career, and relationship. You gain invaluable insight into life questions, and the big picture of your life. $200

Year Ahead Transit Reading

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Why do I feel blocked? Why is life so crazy now? Is this a good time to begin a new job or move? What’s going on with the stars? To everything, there is a season.  If you have questions about right now, this session illuminates your challenges and opportunities today and into the future (the next twelve months or so). $175

It’s Your Birthday Solar Return Reading

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Each year you get a whole new birth chart. Will this be a year of creative aspirations realised, or a year to take up a new direction? Will you be busy with projects and relationships, or will you get the most out of focusing on a solitary activity? This synthesis of transits, progressions and solar return energies captures the subtleties and big themes of your birthday year. $200

When Will I Find Love?*

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To prepare for true love, we explore the karmic themes you experience with others, what your essential relationship needs are, qualities of your soul mates and your unique deal breakers – those ‘must-haves’ that you require for committed intimacy. By expanding your awareness of who you’re looking for, get ready for the imminent arrival of new love.  $200

6 Month Check-In Reading

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For Return Clients Only. An hour-long check in reading for those who have had a transit reading session with me within the past 6 months. This reading is designed for the client who wants to catch up on the changes that have occurred during this time, and take a fresh look at what’s to come. $90

Summer Special

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For a limited time, I am offering a 60 minute reading by phone for $115.

Relationship Readings

Synastry Reading

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This compatibility reading explores areas where we can fit perfectly together like nesting shells, and areas in which we’re experiencing friction. We’ll support your strengths, and explore strategies for working through the tough stuff. $225

Composite Chart Reading

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Once you’ve committed to being together, two charts join and a third chart is born: it’s your relationship’s love-child. Discover your relationship’s: purpose (Sun), its non-negotiable happiness needs (Moon), style of walking in the world, together (Rising Sign)…and much more. Fun and useful, you’ll learn how to deeply support & nurture your partnership. $200

More Readings & Services

Astro-Mapping Reading

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Are you pondering a big move? Will the ground rise up to meet you or shake at your feet? You encounter a completely different experience of yourself in each place you live and visit. Your birth chart makes your experience of each place unique. Find your planetary hot spots such as, Mercury, the writer if you’re an aspiring author; Jupiter, a salesman, teacher and planet of luck; Venus, Goddess of Love and leisure. Included: world map with lines, and in-depth examination of 3 locations of your choice. *WRITTEN REPORT ONLY $175

Astrology Counseling and Mentoring

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This series of (four, one-hour) sessions is designed for those with a desire to learn astrology and/or who want to navigate longer-term periods of transformative change within the context of a supportive relationship. Sessions catered to your needs and interests; composite charts, transits, relationship, natal charts, asteroids – you name it! This format is designed to be used consecutively over a defined period of time (every week, or every other week; all sessions must be used by 3-4 months after purchase). IMPORTANT: Must have a transit, solar or natal reading before booking a series session. $240