Need A Reading?

Astrology is both an ancient symbolic system and a living language. Ancient because it has been around for a very long time, and living because the energy patterns are experienced through us in present time. If you’re wondering what to expect from an astrology reading with me:

The Goddess and The Pony

Clarity. Planetary energies are swirling within and around you. An astrology session illuminates the invisible patterns occurring in your life, so you can see and act from a clearer place of knowing.

Magic. The planets are in constant dialogue with us, but often we’re not even aware they’re speaking.  We align your questions with the planets, and that’s where magic happens.

Affirmation. From time to time, we all need reassurance that we are heading down the right path. The most common expression I hear from my clients is “your reading was incredibly validating.” For more about what to expect from your reading with me, read my TESTIMONIALS page.

How To Book A Session

Note: I am in the process of moving from California to Oahu so will not be doing consultations from 1/10-1/24/18. Please come back! Thank you for your patience.

I offer readings in-person in Fairfax, CA or over the phone or Skype*. Confirm your session with a payment, below. After I receive payment, I will email you with an intake form and availability. Sessions are typically scheduled Wed-Fri from 11 AM- 5 PM PT; weekend sessions are booked on exception. I record all sessions in MP3 format (except series sessions- upon request) and email that to you within 48 hours. *If you have special needs, I am happy to try and accommodate, so please ask. Questions? Write  You can also click here for frequently asked questions.

Single Astrology Session

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A 90 minute session tailored to your areas of concern, for new and returning clients. Charts and MP3 included. $175

Astrology Series Sessions -for Returning Clients

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You’ve had a session and want to go deeper together. This series of four one-hour coaching sessions is for return clients only and must be used by 3-4 months after purchase.  $240

Check-In Reading- for Return Clients

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A 60 minute follow up session for those who have had a single astrology session within the past 6 months. We review what’s happened, take a fresh look at where you are now and what’s to come. *Cannot be used consecutively, i.e., twice in a row. $90

Synastry Session

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Explore areas where two people fit perfectly together like nesting shells, and areas of friction. We focus on supporting your strengths, and finding strategies for working through tough stuff. Recommended: for those who have already had a single astrology session with me, and have been in relationship for at least one year. $225 for 90 mins.

Composite Chart Session

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Once you’ve committed, two charts join and a third chart is born: your relationship’s love-child. Discover your relationship’s: purpose (Sun), happiness needs (Moon), style of being in the world, together (Rising Sign)…and more. Fun and useful, learn how to nourish & nurture your partnership. Recommended: for those who have already had a single astrology session with me, and for deeply committed couples only. $200 for 90 mins.

Astro-Mapping Session

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Are you pondering a big move? Will the ground rise up to meet you? You encounter a completely different experience of yourself in each place you live and visit, and your birth chart makes your experience of each place unique. Find your planetary hot spots. Includes: numerous maps, charts, reports, and my synthesis. $200 for 90 mins.