New Moon Aries, Saturday, March 20, 2004 2:41 PM PST

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New Moon Aries, Saturday, March 20, 2004, 2:41 PM PST

Today on my carpool into the city I tuned in and out to the radio playing in the background of my morning prayers. President Bush came on with an address comemmorating the one year anniversary of the war. I was struck by his choice of words– they were bloodthirsty & punitive, much like the shadow quality of Ares, the Roman God of War. I looked up to see 4 helicopters hovering over the Bay Bridge. I had heard that the peace loving people of San Francisco were gathering to protest this war, so this was most likely the source. As our president shares his words of war, the troops are launched to start the war amongst ourselves.

I recall to myself the power of our thoughts, actions and words to create a reality. Because of his level of influence, this one man can virtually dream up a war. Collectively, we can use our thoughts, actions and words to counteract this negativity.

Use Ares’ ambition wisely this new Spring season. The God of War can create violence as easily as he can tear down the barriers to new love and joy. Intention governs what form you will manifest. This is a law which you now have the opportunity to co-create at this time of beginnings.

The cycle of renewal begins again as the sun’s annual entry into Aries begins today. The zodiacal/tropical calendar marks Aries as the starting point for all things beginning. In Rome, the festivals of Mars and Minerva were celebrated with games, competition and revelry. The warrior and warrioress flex their muscles and begin to feel the physical strength and power of the year to come. In Egypt, the Spring Harvest Festival of Isis took place with statues of Isis carried around the fields as blessing to secure the harvest to come. Anglo-Saxon culture celebrated the goddess Eostre, canonized as Easter. We may celebrate this with the foraging for eggs, symbols for new life.

The New Moon in Aries marks a potent time for beginnings. The spring equinox today marks a day of equal balance in light and dark, now the Sun will increase in light until the fall equinox. It’s as though on this day, the universe has balanced her scales and given us a fresh start. Not to say we don’t still carry our personal karma with us but we are graced with the marvelous new energy that mother earth has endowed all life forms. As Human beings, her seeds in the continual promise of becoming, we are warmed by the new Sun and whispered sweet and urgent messages of encouragement. But wait, here is another figure on the planetary stage, not whispering, no perhaps shouting to us. Ready to begin again, ‘I AM’ says the planet Mars. ‘HERE I AM!’.

Mars is the force of life. In Roman legend, the raw and heady power of the Roman war god was really not so popular to bring to battle. Ares did not pay attention to the details or strategy but rushed blindly ahead like a bloody fool. So impulsive, he was often injured and bloodied from the get go. Possibly a strategic Capricorn or Virgo a better choice. But Ares was so enthusiastic, eager and ready. He would show up. Unlike the other two who either delegate or think about it. Who better to pull us out of the dark days of winter than Ares? Ares is the perfect man for the job. A take no prisoners kind of guy. Right when it seems as though things will never begin here is Ares, born ready. Speaking of, he was the perfect consort for Venus. Who says a fighter can’t also be a lover? Aphrodite had a long list of lovers, but produced a child by only one god—Ares.

The theme by now is obvious (although with Aries even the obvious must be restated). It’s time for a new beginning. Read again: it’s time. A little force is necessary to take us out of the inertia of the past, propelling into the future. Aries’ ruler Mars has been in Taurus for the past month and a half. Mars in Taurus would rather rest on his laurels before he begins. But now Mars enters Gemini on the same day as both the Sun and Moon enter Aries. This shift means movement. Now add Mercury, still gliding unhindered in Aries, creating a mutual reception with Mars in Gemini. A mutual reception occurs when two planets simultaneously occupy the other’s sign. Suddenly Mercury and Mars become close friends, each helping the other accomplish their goals. Can you say speed? This energy absolutely pushes us into busy-ness. Be ready to field new information, challenges, learning experiences and heightened motion. There’s suddenly a lot going on and Ares knows you’re up for the challenge.

Mars forms a happy sextile to this New Moon, restating that whatever you begin will be energetically supported. An extra push, as though you needed one! As Mars hedges in on a longer-term aspect, a square to Uranus, the changes won’t be too disruptive now but caution will need to be exercised down the road. Saturn, provides the first cautionary sign as the planet of prudence will square the Sun next Wednesday, 3/24. This square speaks of limitation and overstepping the laws of matter. Maybe your brakes need fixing and today this shows up. This day you’ll get an idea of where you should pull back and get practical about your plans. Or at least make a plan where there was previously just the raw, inspired force of the new. On that same day, Mercury trines Pluto. This is the day to ask for help for your new endeavor. You’re sure to receive it as Pluto, the hidden boon of strength, opens his arms. Pluto goes retrograde again, today. Pluto is such a slow mover, pacing back and forth, rubbing his stubbly beard he will go over the same territory more than once. If this assistance has a repeating quality to it, Pluto is just making sure he’s got the details straight.

Back to Saturday–Mercury inconjuncts Venus on the day of the New Moon. It’s relatively minor, if anything bringing communication bungles among your intimates, but also providing opportunity for smoothing this over with words of amour. Inspired and conciliatory words of sweetness are further emphasized by a lovely Neptune/Mercury trine. This could be the perfect antidote for Friday’s Venus Neptune square. Venus & Neptune together, tend to create romantic fantasies galore. You might’ve met someone during this past week of 3/14-3/20 (sorry love, but don’t expect it to last) either too vague or too good to be true. Or maybe either yourself or your mate did a virtual ‘check out’ and when the reality train arrives at the station someone has misplaced their ticket. Hopefully no one lost anything of real importance and it’s cleared up this Saturday.

After we square up corners with Wednesday’s Saturn and Pluto aspects, we head into the First Quarter of the lunar cycle. The First Quarter falls on Sunday, 3/28 in the sign of Cancer. Cancer, the nurturer of the zodiac wants to make sure your new seeds have plenty of water and miracle-grow. Is your new plan feasible? If so, now you’ll take the necessary steps to make it a physical reality.

Complimenting this back to earth theme, Mercury heads into Taurus on 3/31 as our thoughts slow down to examine the world on a practical level. Thoughts turn to money, security and values. Not for long, as Mercury retrogrades back into Aries on 4/06, to slow down and examine the energy of Mr. Ares the fast and furious. Mercury retrograde will be discussed at the Full Moon of 4/05. However, it is important to note that there is a ‘shadow period’ beginning approximately a week prior to the day it goes retrograde. A shadow period means we can begin to feel the affects before it happens, we have essentially been caught in Mercury’s shadow. Personally, by 3/31 I plan on having anything I anticipate that could possibly break or go wrong, buttoned up and straight for the next month. I know not to start any new projects, and that inevitably there will be opportunities galore to do anything that can be prefaced with ‘re-‘. Re-do, re-model, re-evaluate, re-organize, re-member, re-marry—just kidding, have to do that one the first time! Use the ‘re-‘ method from 4/06-4/30 and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a great way to use retrogrades to your advantage.

New Moon through the Sun Signs

The New Moon will affect each sign differently because for your sign, each lunation falls in only one of the 12 zodiacal houses. Read below according to your Sun Sign and if you know it, your rising sign.

Aries: New beginnings all around for you –in your house of self-expression, self-image. Me. Me. Me. Glorious Me. Your chart ruler gabs it’s way through Gemini creating a lot to explore and experience. Consider your many options to determine the person you want to be for your new solar year. You may need to play both good witch and bad.

Taurus: Springtime with Taurus, in like a lamb. You’ll feel quiet and reflective as your roar comes next month. Sit back and enjoy the beauty around you, you’re a crocus in the last push to the surface. Don’t let Aries stomp on your garden.

Gemini: It’s all about your dreams this New Moon. Just when you thought it was all work and no play. Where do you see yourself headed? Chances are there are people around to assist. Your chart ruler indicates help from others, almost magically. Look to the people you least expect…the unusual suspects.

Cancer: Work, work and more work. But wait, something new on the horizon. This is the year you learn to do two jobs at once and now’s the time to get going. Wondering if you’ll get it all done? A second New Moon in your career house ensures you nail it.

Leo: Open your eyes to new opportunity. Travel, foreign strangers, new lands and languages appear. No they’re not mirages, they’re friends bearing gifts. All they ask is that you to open your eyes and mind.

Virgo: What have you there? No, down there, buried far from the light. A nasty little habit, an errant desire. Someone may just call you out this month. Are you ready to take a look, not once but twice? You have two chances so if you can’t come clean now, mid-April may spring a pop quiz.

Libra: Relationships are on your mind. You’re busy trying to place yourself in the scheme of things. That’s good. This one is about defining who you need to be for yourself, first. Take the pioneering, independent spirit of Aries to heart so he doesn’t take you to task.

Scorpio: Time to clean up your routines, health & lifestyle. First priority: clean the skeletons out of your closet. It’s gotten really icky in there. Next, look to others for advice on how to help you out of your current predicament. You’re actually in a nice place if only you could get out of the ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ mentality.

Sagittarius: Like Nina Simone ‘I’m Feeeeeeling Fine!’ this New Moon. You’re chipper and ready for fun. The house of lovers, children and creativity all show signs of life. Every unexpected change that comes along lately catapults you into Jupiter’s generous embrace. Life is good. Welcome all things new.

Capricorn: Spotlight on the home front. There’s something new a brewing in the roots department. Whatever it is, it affects both your home/family life and career and is specially designed to give you new options and methodologies for both. By this time next month, look at all the new tools in your toolbox.

Aquarius: New friends and a switch up in your environment. New things, beings, information springs up all around you. Mostly looking to bring you fun, invigorated experiences of joy. Walk around the neighborhood with new eyes. Remain open to feedback & you’ll find that your immediate environment yields portentous information for your future.

Pisces: Shake your moneymaker this month in the house of the Bull. Potential for new capital comes through work you do on the down low. Not illegally, mind you, but by way of your inner wealth, the resources waiting to be tapped from the inside. Dig around down there, fish nuggets. Add value to yourself with your own innate creativity.


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