Full Moon Sagittarius, Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 9:20 PM

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Full Moon Sagittarius, Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 9:20 PM

Full Moon points bring realization and illumination. As you climb your mountain, picture a ledge where you have the opportunity to view what lays behind and before you, in panoramic glory. What has transpired, and importantly, if you stay on this road, what is to come? Nothing changes by doing things the same as you’ve always done. Full Moon in Sagittarius is the visionary who has the perceptual filter of experience of Sun in Gemini as guide. Everything you have been prior to this moment has created the exact experience of your unique life experience in this moment. Everything you have created is apparent. Now.

What do we do when we see things we don’t like? Pluto is once again opposite Venus, exactly influencing this time period. The information we receive right now has huge potential to transform our beliefs about love, power and the shadow. Sagittarius has a key for us to use. Sagittarius is the sign of the believer, and most Sagittarians will tell you that as you believe, so it will be. Beliefs are the invisible frameworks that create worlds within this one world. Your personal world and my personal world are so vastly different, even though we are a part of this same world. If you don’t think beliefs are powerful, understand that history has us fighting wars over differences in beliefs. Human interpretations about religious doctrines are just thoughts about thoughts.

In your personal life you may be dealing with the shadow of love, symbolized by the Pluto Venus opposition. You are being challenged to hold a loving view of some element of darkness, which has been rising to the surface. It has been there all along, this part of yourself that you’ve projected onto someone or something else; that now you give your power away to, to what you label circumstance, restriction, karma, fate. It has been necessary for that person or thing to hold this restriction, this thing which you do not want because at one point in time it was necessary to create this particular circumstance. And the result of that choice, so necessary for survival, was this thing that you now behold. This thing now holds you back. Whether this is a job, a relationship, a family situation, an identity, a pattern of behavior, these are all just players in your great dream. We are all unpacking something right now; a heavy bag carried around too long full of outdated survival strategies like overdue library books. Someone or something in our life is paying the fine…if we’re not individually paying for it, guaranteed, someone else is. In actuality even if you think you’re the only one paying the price, you are not. Many people are feeling the pain of your particular restriction. Lovingly, delicately, gently take back the book. You’ve had it for too long, it’s old and outdated. This survival manual is no longer needed for your purposes. In fact, it’s now become a liability and is exacting a fine every day. Right now you are being granted the vision, grace, strength and beauty to find that book buried underneath the bed because the universe has trusted that you’ll know exactly what you need to do with it.

Understand the effect of not taking back your book. Always, but perhaps in unseen ways, the sword turns outward. We all eventually feel the result of one another’s pain. No matter how hard you try, you cannot keep the self separate from others, even if the book is about a shameful ugly monster. The universe simply won’t allow it.

Optimism and facing forward is a keynote of this Full Moon. Forming a t-square to Uranus and Jupiter we are catapulted into a broader view. Sagittarius will tell us that our personal world is a single mirror on the disco ball of life, a many-mirrored globe. All we have to do is change our vantage point. Here’s something about vision in times of darkness. We’re all being pushed and stretched, with the resiliency of rubber bands we stretch and release. World events so loudly demanding, unrelenting talk about monetary restriction, violence, fear all around us and yet…these times can push us into places we never before imagined possible. An idea appears. An idea so fresh and full of heart we begin to envision possibility again. Out of discordance and darkness rises new possibility. It’s almost as though the world needs to get dark enough to prepare for a new level of light, a brightness and saturation not before seen. Think of the many things we’ve gained as a society from times of darkness. The Great Depression yielded jobs for artists. Who would’ve thought? I take weekend hikes in one of the most wonderfully designed regional parks, artfully and beautifully built during the New Deal.

Take heart: Even well laid plans can go awry. The message of the archer is encouraging, aim higher, envision bigger, and expand your mind so that continents are mere stepping-stones for the distance you can cover. The sign of the eternal optimist, the archer keeps us in good stead during times of darkness with an ability to pull rabbits out of hats.

On 6/4 & 6/5, plan on letting inspiration in as the Neptune trines the Sun. This is the open doorway to the universal ethers, when activities become mysteriously vitalized with richness and meaning. This can be a release valve to recent pressures or a chance to see into the magical. Seek inspiration and plan down time on Saturday, a good day for just soaking it all in.

The Last Quarter moon in Pisces 6/9 is the day after the Sun/Venus conjunction (see below, Venus Ascends). Attention shifts and we prepare to willingly lose the attitudes and things no longer working for us. Mars quincunx Pluto allows us to view the discrepancy between action and motivation. The quickest way to your goal is certainly the most direct route. Why take detours? Slip into new behavior as easily as a lizard slips between the crevices of ancient rocks.

Thursday, 6/10 Jupiter squares Mercury and Uranus goes retrograde. Communication snafus, too much information, change of plans and direction. Little and big mind have an argument and no one wins because the order of the day is change. For the next 5 months you’ve signed up for a class in the ancient art of sign reading. Put your stethoscope to the ground and listen for the rumble of horse’s hooves. That there’s the sound of somethin’ big comin’. These are the gathered gleanings for those major pieces of your plan, those requiring nothing less than total overhaul. Change is internal until one day, it appears as though it were always so. Mid-November reveals the ground covered.

Friday, June 11. Whoever said June was a lily-white maiden? Snow white bites into the apple, tasting the sweet juice of poison. You are not so naïve, easily seeing that by scratching beneath the surface of things something else is revealed completely. It might not be pretty, but at least it’s honest.

The very next day, Venus trines Neptune coming to our rescue with the vapors. This is another wonderful Saturday for taking it easy, letting the world fall away into activities that just make us happy and inspired. Relationships, art, movies, music, poetry all have the potential to inspire and uplift. Forgive and forget, a great day for letting go. Yesterday? I don’t remember what was bothering me… Distinctions are blurry, and that’s just perfect.

June 13-16 has only minor planetary action. Don’t start anything new, but chances are you won’t be. You are content to sit by the sea, watching this wave roll out. You gather what you’ve learned around you and release the inessentials. Take it easy, recover your energy and let go. Do so and you will surely be prepared to catch the next wave of the new lunar cycle.

Venus Ascends
Venus rises with the Sun on the early morning (1:42 AM) of 6/8. She rises from the underworld to start anew, to begin a new 584-day cycle. This rise she eclipses the Sun, a rare occurrence happening only once every 120 years. If you’ve been following these newsletters you’ll know that Venus will continue to be retrograde until June 30. During this particular retrograde cycle we’ve been assessing our relationship values and integrity, our particular preferences, ideals involving relationship. Venus retrograde is subtle & internal, changing the way we dress, our tastes or the company that we keep as a reflection of the deep alliance between our senses and the world. We rely on our senses & pleasures to support our basic self. How are we feeling about ourselves? The pleasure seeking self that has tastes, ideals, preferences will tell us much about the condition of our self esteem. Are things working here? Venus retrograde attempts to answer, she hopes you’ve been working with her.

This alliance between Venus and the Self (Sun) is fluid, changing as we change, and so we move through Venus’ cycle. Each cycle of 584 days touches a celestial point in the zodiac, and a cycle of 5 seems to be her magic number (equaling 8 human years). Her orbit is simply elegant: 5 of these repeated cycles paint a celestial mandala in the heavens, an exact pentagram. The pentagram has been portrayed in daVinci’s circle with the man in center; the measure of each section of the pentagram is the unit of space defined as the golden mean. The golden mean is a measurement of space said to possess aesthetic and harmonic proportion. Her retrogrades can often be linked to events at the previous retrograde of Venus 8 exact years ago. Think back to May/June 1997. Venus is covering the same part of your birth chart now.

How significant is her rise with the Sun? Is once every 120 years significant? This looks like a solar eclipse except instead of the moon between the sun and the earth; Venus now blocks the Sun’s rays. The Sun’s rays, energy must pass first through Venus to reach us here on earth. No human on this planet has seen this before, last occurring in 1882.

On such a universal timeline, 120 years, most astrologers link this event with collective occurrences. Unless Venus is a prominent focal point in your birth chart, this may play out most prominently for you on the global stage. And you may be surprised to know that this Venus is not about sweetness and light, manners and social propriety. No siree. This Venus is about balancing the scales. Justice.

The Aztecs and Mayans knew this ‘Morningstar’ Venus best. Astrologer Erin Sullivan says ‘They set armies marching in synchrony with her rise from underworld, transformed from woman to man to woman again, still redolent with the atmosphere of the dead’. In a famous Mesoamerican artwork, the panels at El Tejan, here is the lustful & androgynous Venus. She/he takes masculine form, mates with the Goddess, gives birth to a ‘sky monster’ (jealousy) and is sacrificed at the Morning Star (the Venus/Sun meeting) then reborn as the feminine again. This is a war goddess, a goddess who descends to the depths to reclaim what must be brought into light. The masculine/feminine polarity demands wholeness, and this re-balancing contains violence only proportionate to what one has denied and kept hidden. Seven or eight days after Sun and Venus rises (6/15), Venus is first seen separate from the Sun. This is often a time when world leaders are called to answer to questions of integrity; leadership may be thrown into crisis.

How is this relevant to you personally? Viewed from lighter perspective of Venus, duality over separation is appropriate here. As discussed in Pluto v. Venus we don’t hold want to hold back the darkness but let it rise and lovingly hold it for what it is. This Venus-Pluto opposition (occurring 3 times total: 5/4, 6/2 and again on 7/25) has much to contribute to the new cycle of Venus. Understand that you have come up against some structure of loveless ness that has outworn its worth. It is bigger than you and in service of the timelessness you are apart of, not apart from. Meet that form with truth and beauty. Disarm the monster, let her be reborn as the Goddess she is.


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