Full Moon Aquarius, Sunday, August 1, 2004, 11:05 AM PST

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Full Moon Aquarius, Sunday, August 1, 2004, 11:05 AM PST

Blue Moons occur once every 2 1/2 years– an astronomical phenomenon where two full moons occur within one 29 1/2 day lunar cycle. The association of the Blue Moon with rarities or flukes is easily linked when considering the infrequency of this event. From Shakespearean sonnets to popular songs, history has given the Blue Moon an enigmatic quality. Will this Blue Moon weave a memorable, original story into your life? Our Full Moon ruler, Uranus, would love to make it so.

In ancient Greek genealogy, Uranus and Gaia were the first divine pair, giving birth to humanity. Uranus is the Sky God, “drawing near and spreading out in all directions, eager for love, enveloped the earth in all directions”*. Uranus mates with Mother Earth, Gaia to produce children, whom upon birth he fears their power and sends them back into the center of the earth, forbidden to leave her belly.

The Aquarian Moon is detached from his instinctual nature, the earth quality of Gaia. This is an unstable moon, at odds with the needs of the body. Ideas and flashes of brilliance pronounce themselves as our future goals are held in a nervous, dreamy tension. The mind flickers on and off in genius moments of possibility, searching for ways of doing something differently, to reach to a yet undiscovered corner of the sky. This is a gift of Uranus—finding solutions that were previously inconceivable.

Uranus is the groomsman of a very earthy, Gaia for a reason. He creates ideas and ideologies, far removed from the body’s instinctual nature and so needs grounding, needs to be carried by the feminine, our earth nature. Gaia is the mother of all life forms and is bound by the body’s dark and earthly limitations: cycles of life and dormancy, bloodletting and mother’s milk, time. This earth cycle is necessary to birth Uranus’ children. It is in the realm of Earth time we find Uranus’ weakness. When we attempt to put theory into form we come against earthly limitations of time, space, sustainability. Is this a utopian vision or is it a creative solution, a new way of being? Is this an act with vision and purpose or an act of defiance? If we dare to take our creative substance to the next level, there is risk. Sky meets earth our form is no longer perfect, somehow corrupted by the transmutations the idea must make to get into a body, embody. We may then become stubbornly blinded by our ideals, ungrounded to the necessity of tending to, caring for the reality show version of our idea.

The challenge is to bring the possibility into form, allowing imperfections to exist while knowing that none of these perceived flaws injure our true creative essence. By embracing our edgy ingenuity, we risk our brilliance on the ropes of reality without giving in to fear, banishing our creative gifts to the center of the earth. The earth is needed here, to give our light substance and to make sure what we’re doing takes others desires, hopes and dreams into account. In questions of power, we absolutely must weigh in the desires and hopes of others. If we do not account for the whole, we set ourselves up for failure. It is the Aquarian way to make sure everyone is positively affected by change.

This Full Moon we may be anxious, our minds refusing to turn off, spinning in possibility. Uranus opposes Mercury and creates potential for erratic behavior from all things Mercury related—friends, mind, communication, transportation. You may be trying to put organization around matters as Uranus lets out a big achoo! and scatters your papers all over the floor. At the same time, you go to pick them up and find a new solution. Confusion around future goals may have you wondering if you’ve reached breaking point. Take a step back and know that Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde soon, so any plan is subject to change.

We just passed a nasty Saturn/Pluto inconjunct, and saw a rise in violence and assertion of force. Reverberations are possible through mid-August, although not as intense. You may’ve felt more compelled to have certainty and control, or may’ve been at the whim of other’s need for control so this may be a lingering issue. Ever wonder why force doesn’t accomplish anything? These forces of strength are impersonal, to be used to teach us how to grow beyond the ego. Seen it’s best light, this is the power to negotiate power into its rightful arena– like the relationship between a Troubadour and his bull. This moon prepares us for Jupiter square Pluto (8/5) when the appetite for power increases. It’s the pair that says ‘too much is never enough’ and wants to expand the bottom line even at the expense of your own personal truth. Take care not to waste precious resources on gimmicks seemingly custom-made to distract you from your good. Instead, bring possibility and exploration into the depths of that desire. What does it want and would that overwhelming desire really bring lasting happiness? The bottom line is probably not as it first appears.

Meanwhile, the sextile of Jupiter/Saturn continues and tightens through the month. If you are learning anything now, physically, spiritually, emotionally or even taking a new class– keep the effort there. This aspect says you are able to take your lessons with you, creating positive change for the future, the long haul. This is a boon to the higher learning we’ve all been going through. By integrating the messages we’ve received from all the painful homework, we are insuring no do-overs. Maybe even a little wisdom, no? So,…ahem, pay attention.

This may be difficult on 8/5 when Sun opposes Neptune and the Jupiter/Pluto square is exact. This is a powerful little cocktail. A shot of confusion and haziness, an ounce of opportunism, well mixed. This is one of those days when you may be tested to keep your feet on the ground. A possibility: hazy agendas when people don’t quite know what they want but have an uncanny conviction in their stance. Try to make sure this isn’t you! Own your part in the process and know on a day like this, surrendering to the process is best. Things may slip through your fingers and appear to be what they’re not. Watch from the passenger seat and let your grip go lax.

8/7 last quarter moon in Taurus emphasizes letting go of your stubborn stance. The need for perspective is emphasized and this comes sweetly with the moon’s trine to Mercury and Jupiter. Gentle friends and practical advice are well received. Venus moves into Cancer, love and affection snuggle up with emotional security blankets. Venus in Cancer is a nostalgic romantic, loves misty seasides, hot chocolate and old lovers. Slip into something comfortable and treat yourself to a daydream and a cup of tea.

Mercury retrogrades on 8/9 and there’s no time like the present for review. Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to take pause, and with all the change this summer reflection is needed. Don’t plan on starting anything new unless you’re prepared to do it over again. Finish up those projects you’ve been putting off, too busy to tackle. This Mercury in Virgo likes to clean, organize, prioritize, analyze and in her exalting sign is a natural here. Even in the dreaded ‘retrograde’ you might find your ability to put the details in place more successful than previous retrogrades. Look forward to this time of re-assessment to get your ducks in a row, your car fixed, your bills sorted out. It’s always best to be pro-active with what you think is in need of re-dress or fixing. Otherwise, the trickster does it for you—the parking ticket you ‘forgot’ to pay now wants double or triple payment. The plans made in haste backfire. Mars into Virgo the next day puts the muscle into this period of re-evaluative energy and movement. Whatever project you decide to undertake, give it the detailed attention it demands. Mars is a wonderful partner in putting the muscle to the medal, to clean things up. Think Arm & Hammer Baking Soda’s muscle man mascot or Mr. Clean. Energy for cleaning up, but beware the chance of really fielding some snafus right away. Mars is a take no prisoners kind of guy; by hanging out in Mercury’s home sign Mercury retrograde starts with a quick and animated shuffle, ball change (of plans). Mars also rules cars, so with Mercury, a double transportation whammy. Make sure that car is in working order and use caution in movement.

8/11 Pluto trine Sun in Leo. Plumb your inner resources by bringing more creativity, pleasure and fun into your life. Any form of creative expression is fruitful today, as the Sun in the sign of the Lion knows how to disarm with charm. Leo is the ruler of performance artists, children, fun and games. Take a risk in self-expression. Wear your wares like the Lion wears his mane. When you wear what you do best with loving and genuine self-awareness, you give yourself and others a self-esteem boost. Take your inoculation today as creativity is called for tomorrow, 8/12 when Sun semi-sextiles Jupiter and Saturn. Overall, there has been some major integration happening between Jupiter and Saturn bringing a grounded ness to your future plans. Sun just wants to shine on that portion of your plan that has perhaps left something behind, excluded. Make sure you’re not compromising yourself out of the picture by paying attention to those things necessary for you to be performing at your very best.

8/13 Uranus trines Venus in Cancer. This is the day for unusual tastes, relationships, and preferences. Today, risk taking is a good thing, especially when it involves your pleasures. Do something differently with your lover (or lovers, says Uranus!). Remember the Sky God’s idea of partnership? — Independent, a lover of the ideal over the real, of the many over the one. Uranus and Venus are electrically charged with a magnetism that’s off the charts. Their compatibility is sensitive, psychic, charismatic. This may be a day when your full moon ideas land on the ears of the intuitive, where there exists holism and purpose beyond words. This is the nervy idealism of the Aquarian Moon assuaged by the lunar baths of the sea. If you’re a water sun sign, it’s your turn to play the ‘seaductress’. Sing your songs of sweet healing liberation. Will you heed the call of the siren?

*Hesiod, in the seventh century BC, in his Theogony


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