New Moon Virgo, Tuesday, September 14, 2004 7:29 AM

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New Moon Virgo, Tuesday, September 14, 2004 7:29 AM

Virgo is in a precarious position on the zodiac wheel; it’s located at the point where the physical body makes an adjustment or tune up before it crosses into the southern half of the circle. I see the symbol in my life as I sit down to write and realize I’m experiencing minor back pain from a late night yoga posture turned jiu-jitsu maneuver. I had fun doing it! says the preceding sign, Leo. After Leo’s fun, Virgo steps back and discriminates looking for any excess, unwise or indiscriminate behavior. The urge to perfect experience in this reality of form is channeled through the physical body. If we try to bypass this step, the body feels the impact. Virgo knows that the body is a great source of feedback, thus the sign’s preoccupation with health and healing. It is a container holding that sacred ground where memory, spirit & mystery intermingle. The body is the container for the magical alchemy of our experience here—the temple for the nameless, formless and mysterious. Much of the time we walk around in this sacred space blindfolded. The blindfold appears as a form of neglect, addiction, procrastination, disorderliness– all of which eventually create physical crisis. Blind to our body, the blindfold is our inability to sense what we know are greater truths happening in the here and now, in the body. The appearance of a bodily crisis or limitation points to the separation we have from greater truths. It is the body that holds the space for the co-creation of our very personal reality.

Virgo can initiate us, through the body, into mysteries far deeper than we initially deem ourselves capable of holding. As a ‘house’ on the zodiacal wheel, Virgo represents the place, the ‘room’ we enter right before we’re ready to show self to the world. Imagine this as a dressing room where you get to examine yourself up close and personal. Florescent lighting, mirrors from all angles and yes, you are wearing a bikini. You’re sizing yourself up because in the next room you travel to, Libra; there will be another person ready and all too willing to hold up a hand mirror to your beauty. Are you ready to see beauty or are you up in the mirror, squeezing the ooze out, spying the imperfections? If you’re honest, there are many things to fix here. There shows up our teacher asking us to make room for pain, discomfort or adjustment.

Moon in Virgo is the spirit perfecting itself through the body; the daily adjustments and grunt work, the activities and requirements for doing what it takes’. This impulse is a clever veil for the urge for perfection. This happens in myriad ways—the new diet is no longer working (again), work has become overwhelming or monotonous, an old injury needs new attention or the neglected inner life starts rowdily demanding attention, emotional backlog. Initially, this may appear as work or drudgery, a new responsibility, one not planned on taking. These are practical demands, practically demanding that we adjust, as the cost of neglect is too high. Self-improvement needs to happen and quick. This is the uninvited guest we are asked to set a place for—in the midst of an already full banquet of life.

The secret of Virgo is two-fold: humility & work. If you are blessed with the inner and outer vision to see what it takes to improve your situation, offer all of yourself to the cause fully and completely. If you’ve ever selflessly given something of yourself while relinquishing all desire in happiness for self, you know the purifying power of Virgo’s humility. It’s as though someone came along and deep cleaned your soul, you blessedly receive the equivalent of a ‘spiritual facial’. You life energy amps up so brightly, you practically levitate into your beauty. This is the inner glow we see radiating from people we admire, the awe-inspiring question we ask ourselves ‘how do they look so good?’ There is a catch though, and this is where Cosmo and Vogue miss the beauty boat entirely. As with many concepts we think we know and own but really don’t have a clue how to practice: Humility is not an idea, but a way of being. One of the most direct paths to humility is service, and service implies work. ‘Too much work’ you complain. Work is really just a time and energy commitment. If we’re all constantly committing time and energy, are we committing in the right place? It may just be a matter of re-directing priorities.

Here’s something to work with: humility is not just useful in orphanages, volunteer work and giving money to the homeless– although at the right time, these can be very profound practices. Humility is about offering all of yourself to the best aspect of you. Not trading up your weakness for strengths but letting your strengths shine into the parts of your self aching for improvement. In fact, I offer that this is the best way you can use this Virgo energy right now. What are we doing here if not bringing heaven to earth, attempting divine perfection in our own human bodies? So often we say we’re ‘only human’ as though being in the body is synonymous with being imperfect. In the spirit of this Mars/Jupiter/Moon/Sun alignment I am both assigning and challenging you: Daily, over the next few weeks, humbly bow to the best parts of yourself as though you were bowing at the feet of the divine. Then, lovingly, tenderly, wash the stinky feet. Make the lifestyle changes you need to make to bring yourself closer to your God, to burn more brightly and beautiful. You can humbly admit and commit.

On the tail of a Mercury Uranus opposition yesterday (9/13), you are crackling with electricity and may have a wild card up your sleeve. Insight and revelation make it through all the static somehow, busy-ness and hyperawareness take precedence over the forceful passion/destruction of the weekend. Play the insight card and you’re at a full house with four planets in the get-busy sign of Virgo sextiling Saturn, the Lord of Form on this New Moon. This planetary energy is about taking the ideal to the real, as earth signs want to manifest something physical. This is an absolutely perfect time to put the pedal to the medal and expect to see long-term results. With all the Virgo energy this month, you may’ve already started a diet, exercise regimen, cleaned up an old behavior, cleaned out a closet, began a new project—these are all Virgo pursuits of purification for the body and soul. If you’re in a helping profession, you’ll be particularly aware of the healing energy asked of and available to you right now. You may also find yourself vulnerable to the demands of others. Don’t forget to put yourself first, a priori to being of any use to anyone! Venus in Leo should keep you in check, reminding you not to be shy about asking for attention and affection. Admiration and praise are what we all need to feel loved and appreciated right now. Likewise, it may be easy to see someone else’s exaggerated demands for attention. Give them center stage they crave while reminding them that Oscar gives the same gold awards to supporting actors & stage designers. No one does it alone.

Muscle Man Mars gives you stamina as he travels with Sun until 9/21. This is energy just waiting to give you some kind of payoff—I can’t emphasize this enough. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to stop procrastinating you’ve hit pay dirt. With few retrograde planets, the energy appears to be moving forward for the first time all year. Mars exactly sextiles Saturn on 9/17 & 18 joining concentration and effort. Strong-arming, with a gentle touch, can lock a plan into place. Two aspects of Venus on 9/18 & 9/19 soften the atmosphere, a welcome reprieve to workaholism or energy burnout. Venus opposed by Neptune softens our senses, extending body intelligence to include the realm of the senses, the psychic, and the creative impulse. As though you’ve been walking down a city street full of jackhammers and construction, you notice the quality of the morning light or find yourself lost in an internal reverie of color. Let this aspect transport you; lift you out of the trap of the mundane. Neptune is the glamour planet with a marvelously seductive ability. Partnered with Venus, con artists, messiahs and saviors now find it easy to pull a fast one. You are vulnerable now so take all promises with a grain of salt—and expect none to pan out. Use illusion and creativity to your advantage by creating an experience of enlightened bliss, instead of falling prey to an apparition of the relationship of your dreams. Mercury inconjuncts Venus at the same time as relationship preferences walk the line between fact and fiction. This is a great aspect for some poetry; jumbled words and images coalesce far more effectively than analysis paralysis.

The intensely focused energy of the past month begins to shift on 9/21 when Sun and Jupiter join and bid Virgo adieu at the fated 29th degree. The day of truth is here. The past year has delivered rewards to a certain part of your life- have you received them? The rays of the Sun take on the expanse of Jupiter. Jupiter is a teacher and philosopher who uplifts and broadens perspective- by enriching, he teaches. Some astrology refers to the 29th degree as the crisis degree– I liken this to a sense of urgency around managing the energy of the planet. Jupiter is the jolly green giant of the cosmos. Like Jack and the Beanstalk, Jupiter continually outgrows us, just when we think we’ve seen it all it pushes us to think bigger, be bigger. If we’ve kept pace with our capacity to expand, truth be told, we’ll continually be catching glimpses of a new vista. This is one of those magical moments when we can really grasp this understanding. This planet is meant to push us beyond our boundaries, beyond what is comfortable and safe. Not for the sake of trespassing what we hold inviolable but in order for us to experience a bigger reality, a bigger experience of what and who we are. Where is it that you tighten and constrict when a big bear embrace would do wonders? Sun entering Libra on 9/22 prepares us for Jupiter’s shift into Libra on 9/24. Take a deep breath around this day and ask yourself if you can feel the new wind under your wings. This is a breath of fresh air enlivening an area of your life over the next year, an area ready to receive the cosmic boon of bigger and better. A fiery Venus and Pluto sextile today providing a boon of inspiration, so tap into the charisma around you and let it animate the beginning of this new cycle.

9/25 Mercury sextiles Saturn is a good day for clear communication and day-to-day type transactions of importance. If you’ve wanted to sign a contract or make an agreement stick, give it longevity and stability by signing today. Let your friends know how much they mean to you today and they’ll really hear it.

This is one loaded day as Mars moves into Libra on 9/26 (thru 11/10) urging the warrior to be more balanced in his assertions. As he has been over the past month, he’s still moving very close to the Sun where his aggressive nature is intensified by the Sun’s heat. Adding the new element of airy Libra, fire is creating a lot of hot air. Yes, people are just beginning to take others into account. This feeds debate and dialogue as we crave impartiality but don’t see it yet! Represent the highest aspect of Libra by recognizing both the relevancy and relativity of each side. When we are truly able to sit in the middle, we open to the truth of the situation. This same day, Mars joins Jupiter, initiating Jupiter into his new kingdom. Energy and enthusiasm meet and we may experience overload. Our enthusiasms take us to extremes and we may just want to bite off more than we can chew. Positively, these same qualities usher in signs of what’s to come over the next year. Use this day to make the big push in that direction you feel moved to follow. Libra always plays well with others, using diplomacy and moderation when called for– so don’t run over others in your haste.

The Sun in Libra quincunxes Uranus on this same day, indicating creative adjustment and a change in plans. Revolutionary solutions, creative compromise, reinforce the quest for balance in relationship. Libra energy is replacing that of Virgo and we move from housecleaning into prettying ourselves up. We find ourselves wanting to partake in pleasures of art, music, beauty and love. Mercury, the mind, moves into Libra on 9/28 where she joins Sun, Mars and Jupiter. The myriad perceptions we encounter are focused through relationships. Expect to encounter idealism in self and others as we try to put on our best face for the world. The shadow side of Libra is people pleasing, neglecting who we are for who we believe others want us to be. The trickster checks this misperception—when we try to become who we are not, we fall flat to those same people we were hoping to please. We want to please others and this is a noble pursuit. How do we do this without compromising self? Who experiences the reward of our giving? ‘Give and you shall receive’ may paradoxically read ‘Receive and you shall give’. Open to receive and watch your world populate with Jupiter’s bounty!

Jupiter Bonus: If you have a copy of your natal chart, look to see what area of life Jupiter is entering. However, we can also supplement your personal ‘transit’ by looking at Jupiter’s relationship to your sun sign. Here are some very general areas where you can expect an influx of good fortune:

Aries- one on one relationship and business partnerships

Taurus- work, habits & routine, health, fitness

Gemini- romance, creativity, children, fun

Cancer- home, family, real estate

Leo- communications, siblings and extended family, friends, neighborhood

Virgo- money, financial stability, self worth

Libra- YOU, you lucky thing. Attractiveness, charisma, the body and life force

Scorpio- mystery, the world of imagination, spiritual awareness, secrets, letting go

Sagittarius- hopes, wishes and dreams

Capricorn- career, public persona, establishing stability in profession

Aquarius- travel, higher education & higher mind, expanding into different perspectives

Pisces- joint resources, financial obligations, psychic & physical transformation


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