Taurus New Moon, Sunday May 8, 2005 1:45 AM PST

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Taurus New Moon, Sunday May 8, 2005 1:45 AM PST

Dear Taurus,

I had a dream the other night; don’t let it confuse you, practical one. It is a good dream, with all the things you love: color, nature, beauty, companionship, food. Here it is, messy and fragmented as all good dreams are:

I am riding along the countryside, this blur of citron, vermilion blue, rolling and grassy. Hot pink blooms dot the country, a place both strange and intimately familiar. I am in a cottage farmhouse now, dancing with friends and we all begin gathering up our most valuable things, still excited with affection as we prepare for some mysterious ending, departure. I walk outside in the company of friends and look casually over my shoulder. The farmhouse is crumbling. Starting a slow disintegration, it collapses in a snakelike ripple of motion, front to back. I look up, the sky is deep midnight speckled with stars. I am with my mother in a kitchen, she is handing me eggs, which I will soon eat. I understand that these eggs are the fruits of her good karma, and while holding her eggs; my hands are empty and light. I wake up knowing I have work to do.

I begin with a dream, as a gentle assist for a sort of necessary unraveling you must experience to fully appreciate this new beginning. After spending the last few weeks in the delightful realm of the senses, continue more than ever to trust in what you taste, touch, smell, see, and hear. Now please enlist the aid of your sixth sense–to help you through dream riddles of all sorts–waking, sleeping, mine, yours or shared. Dreams unravel over the fullness of time, and if this moon cycle begins with a riddle, within it contains the well-calibrated answer just waiting for your ingenuity. Caught in the web already? Here’s another yarn I’ve spun for you.

Theseus was a Taurean hero who sailed to Athens to slay the Minotaur bull. The bull was eating Athens’ young nubile prince and princesses, think virtual springtime apocalypse. The bull lived in this elaborate labyrinth and only the most confident; bullheaded of warriors would even think of entering. Of course, that particular brand of hero never returned. As goes for all stories with happy endings, enter a woman. In exchange for passage off the island, Ariadne, daughter of King Minos, agreed to help Theseus by giving him a ball of magic thread. When placed upon the ground at the labyrinths entrance, the ball would roll and unwind of itself, leading Theseus to slay the beast and safely return. The plan works beautifully and Theseus takes off in the middle of the night leaving Ariadne, well, dissed. She has a thousand ways she could respond-she cries, kills herself, becomes a nun, remarries Dionysus– it was all a Dionysian hoax from the beginning, says the Greek chorus. But this is Ariadne’s story; let’s allow her rightful place. What is important is the value of her magic, a sort of power that hinges on a shoestring, a thread. This thread, the small magical thread connects her to solutions that surpass the riddles of the labyrinth. This is not silly shoestring logic– this is serious business. She saves an entire kingdom with a thread.

Threads are small, minute, tiny and weave together the fabric of life. Ariadne knows her wisdom lays in attention to the seemingly insignificant stirrings behind all obvious things. When like a ball of yarn she unrolls her perception to hide and seek where it leads, something magical happens- both the hero and the kingdom are saved. This is the power of knowing our own story, believing in our own self worth. Even when evidence to do so seems insubstantial or incomplete, this faithful attendance to deeper unfolding events overrides the players and circumstances that seem to hang around just for the sake of distraction and confusion. In such times, we can always restore value to the personal life by attending to the deeper needs of the situation, both another’s and ours. Honor those needs by acting on them; give these impulses toward life their rightful due. Then, by outwitting (or in spite of) our own warrior’s obvious and oblivious well-laid plans, we may mysteriously slay the beast.

Every New Moon is fertile; it is the cosmic egg of my dream, everyone’s dream that seeds every month with a new beginning, a new cycle. In the sign of Taurus exaltation, this new moon is fertile like springtime, fecund with growth. Neptune enters the scene as the planet of hazy confusion, addiction and distortion, the Bull running rampant through all of our plans. The Bull steps into the garden and there’s disintegration afoot. Is something falling apart?

With the lunation close to Venus, we want to give embodiment to something more viable for the future, something more sustainable, more satisfying, more practical and valuable. A backlash Taurean tactic may hold on to what it thinks it needs or values to the point of suffocating the life & beauty right out of it. What’s really going on? The presence of Mars and Pluto suggest that it’s about our personal expression of purpose, power in relationship & self worth, and what exactly undermines this. If you can hold the space for looking deeper, you open to a reserve of power and resolve. Here enter some magical aspects that allow for ingenious solutions, solutions for reaching beyond the script of habit, not so ingeniously acted and re-enacted. Allow yourself to plumb your personal experience, to attentively apply your imagination and intellect in a new way. What needs to be done now to plant good seeds that weave the threads together instead of splay into crazy directions? Are you working with or against your own wholeness? The risk is seeding a new cycle with the hazy confusion or self-deception of not owning your power or control in a situation. Always we can find serendipitous solutions by looking beneath appearances to our own motivations, where we need sharpening and clarifying. How we do this is the mystery of the new moon, magical with beginnings. It allows you a secret seeing to glimpse behind the veils of your own being, the key to your big dream. Arms linked with friends, glance over your shoulder and watch the collapsing house fall. You are living in a world of mystery; honor the mystery by following its thread. Outwit the beast in the face of fated fairy tales and save us all.

The planetary beat

The major event of 5/09 is Venus’ move into Gemini, preferences move from sensual indulgences of the flesh to cavorting in the playground of the mind and its infinite variations on love. Tastes and relationships become both fickle and changeable as we find ourselves willing to experiment and play while committing to none. For the next month, find your pleasure in conversation, exchange of information and changes of environment. This Venus is always ‘on’, on instant messaging, on top of the latest trend or fad and always, always ready for a witty comeback or intelligentsia to parlay. This Venus may go for a roll in the hay, but she’s really rolling you around in mind and may forget to be here now, in the body.

5/10 the energy is lively and fresh, moon in Gemini. Late morning finds you receptive and impressionable to new ideas. Go to bed early tonight, late evening loses the lightness proving too heavy for our liking.

5/11 early morning is good for important calls, moon moves into Cancer late morning thru 5/12, as we settle into self containment, looking for our own natural rhythm instead of getting caught up in the buzz. Moon in Cancer, her home sign, likes to hunker down and emotionally stabilize. But lately a certain Cancer clan has noticed this moon to highlight instability in the face of security she’s trying to create. Perhaps Moon in her own sign needs a little more attention, she says: ‘your taproots are important! Lets make sure everything’s going smoothly in the lunar seascape of emotions, home, foundations’. This instability may be due to the changing declination of Moon in Cancer and Capricorn over this year and next.

5/12 Mercury moves into Taurus. A long drawn out hmmm-This is the planet of quick on your feet in the ponderous slow moving sign of the bull. The mind has been all caught up in Aries since the beginning of March (due to retrograde) so we’re certain to notice a change. Slow down, we’re no longer running with scissor-thoughts. Have you enjoyed your keen inventiveness and fast paced thinking, or maybe it’s a relief to no longer mentally beat yourself up, martial style? Relax, now the mind is deliberate, slow and a little stubborn. Soothe mental woes by being in nature; find that it’s valuable to use all of your senses to accumulate information. No quick decisions as we let it all settle inside before reaching a conclusion. It may be hard to change minds and influence others for the next month, as exchanges touch on personal values and these run deeper than mere words allow.

5/13 Moon is out of sorts today making it hard to get routine things done until evening. Happy Friday the 13th when she moves into Leo, ready to get onto a fun weekend. There’s a nice stabilizing Sun sextile Saturn all day Friday. There may be promotions at work, or the supportive nod given from authority figures. Don’t forget to recognize your own authority, as the time is right to wield kingly or queenly power with grace and gratitude. Esteem is important right now, and we want recognition for our own unique contributions. Do Leo moon right-give mad props to your royal court! 5/14 continues a spirit of fun loving affection, breakfast is remarkably pleasant and the evening jovial and warm. An aspect perfects today that can give us insight into an entrenched situation, supplying a creative compromise at the right moment. This evening, watch the weekend move from warm to hot on 5/15.

5/15 is a day of sudden changes and interesting happenings. You will not be bored with Mars and Uranus cavorting. Think Billy Idol’s rebel yell, sudden upheavals and rebelliousness are the rule of the day. Exercise caution when driving or interacting in relationships you’ve left on simmer for too long; they will surely boil over if so provoked. Alternately, exciting new developments and rampant enthusiasms run the gamut and back. Allow yourself to follow these, within the limits safety allows.

5/16 first quarter moon in Leo feeds off yesterday’s energetic buzz. New plans, excitement and a sense of urgency all back up the desire to break free and move forward. But is there anything behind all the rough and tumble? Moon moves directly into Virgo asking for attention to the details as we question how our new revelations fit into reality, we’re either busy buttressing a situation or someone’s cold busted when it doesn’t stack up.

5/17 The morning starts with some blips and jolts but come lunchtime everyone’s amenable to the just desserts of Venus and Jupiter. Optimism and generosity sweeten up our attitudes; a little loving goes a long way today. Use this day to give unexpected gifts make or take special plans. With a beatific smile on your mischievous mug, make nice after all your acting up this weekend. 5/18 The astrological weather vane once again shifts direction, and quickly as Venus made good, she abruptly changes the plan right when you were getting to the good stuff! Fickle Venus, what turned her on yesterday, now turns her off. You show up at the airport, roses in hand, and it turns out she’s got a new favorite. Fortunately, Mercury and Uranus are on speaking terms. By talking it out, we can appreciate the discovery of our different perceptions, preferences and tastes.

The moon still in Libra 5/19, parallel to Jupiter mid afternoon and Neptune goes retrograde. Plan to take it easy tonight, let off steam by gabbing with friends, exchange stories about this week’s turbulent ride. Sip wine, sit by the sea and appreciate the beauty of the natural world as the Sun tiptoes through the last degree of the bull.

5/20 Sun moves into Gemini propelling us forward with the energy of a Mercury Mars sextile. Over the next month, basically we find we’re functioning at our best with lots of room to move. Normally with Gem, we expect more talk than walk but with Mars starting us out maybe we’re finally able to act on our own keen observations. Gem’s calling card: no boredom allowed. Expect diversity of conversation, opinions, plans and predicaments as Gemini lives for the experience of getting her hands in everything. If you’re prone to nervous mental chatter, you’re experiencing the Gemini predicament. Channel this by changing your environment or mind- when your battle cry is’ don’t fence me in’ try the sport of fencing. There’s plenty of room to move if we can use mental restlessness in the service of exploring new options. Tonight: early evening, energy is blocked or fatigued but there’s potential for a healing interaction shortly thereafter, initiating us into the healing waters of Scorpio.

5/21 Moon in Scorpio and we’re heart-sensitive, discussions evoke deep feelings and we sense the undercurrents of what is and is not said. If you’re looking for a breakthrough, find support late evening.

5/22 we’re set up for an interesting full moon lunation. Communication is obscured or distorted with Mercury square Neptune; our minds are impressionable and foggy. What is really being communicated here, what exactly are you thinking? It’s hard to know for sure when Miss Understanding comes to town. To fan the flames of Miss Thang, the presence of a Venus Mars square emphasizes communication differences and not so subtle passive aggressive behavior. This really undermines her natural facile ease. Logic holds no sway now, so stop your swings at the perfect intellectual KO and let the sea tide take him out.


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