Full Moon Aquarius, August 19, 2005 10:53 AM PST

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You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.

Now ev’ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin’
Is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep-
You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.
-the Gambler, Kenny Rogers

Full Moon Aquarius, August 19, 2005 10:53 AM PST

How does the universe speak to you? Do you notice? And if you haven’t noticed, what’s the problem? You may be missing a very special next step in the birthing of your Destiny. Because the universal pump is especially primed and if your biceps aren’t plum tuckered by now, you just ain’t tryin’. Leo is the Divine Messenger with direct satellite to the Maker. And when the Lion roars, who doesn’t listen?

We may think a message about our path or from God is quite literally a booming voice. When He doesn’t answer in a language we understand we resignedly join the bankrupt consensus cult who reads pithy statements as scripture: ‘seeing is believing’ and ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and ‘walk a mile in my shoes’… We give ourselves the fervent equivalent of Religious Right brainwashing when we favor hard reality mantras to the soul whispers of Delicious Truth. As we wait for The Big Answer our prayers appear to be a one way conversation, which is by the way a sure sign we’re held in the collective death vice grip of consensus reality. We have given the Divine human attributes: a voice that sounds like a megaphone and who, like a stern and loving parent, will tell us how to make it better while totally neglecting the mess in our pants, our own unique individual requirements for the unfolding of our truth. While there is no booming voice, we are like small children who don’t know any better. We begin to feel unloved & unheard- and this gives your self esteem and prayer and God and your parents a really bad rap. We really are children who want to get to University with a grade school diploma. But how do we learn deep listening when we’re never taught how?

The sacred messages you’re able to hear right now require some pretty pink leopard print Leonine ear muffs, in other words, something you mightn’t have worn before. The goal: to play with the spontaneous rabble rousing bubbling from the voice of your heart. To amplify your heart, envision a mic connected from heart to mind to mouth. Then, let it rip like a rock star. Epiphanies that surface astound and delight. Words are revolutionary and pungent, but so are symbols, intuitions, conversations with those we love. We actually find answers by being open to listen & receive differently. We find that by playing at listening, with the courage of Leo the lion, we fortify our natural heart connection to others and Goddess, inspiring a ripple effect in the University of Love. Mercury retrograde provided some playful antics, asking for the mental fortitude to examine the choices we’re making about our hearts path. The message is: messages are everywhere. Right now the universe is humming your favorite tune & you, my fellow Lioness, are in the perfect position to receive.

We may also find our self in the position to take a gamble, or having recently taken one. We place a bet and we are very happy to be apart of the game. The next move is ours. When we move into the risky self-assessment of ‘can I or can’t I?’ defining what we can and can’t do-our choices directly mirror how we feel about our self, how shaky or solid that is. What do you need for support? Carolyn Myss connects psychic ability to intuition, intuition to self-esteem and self-esteem as the ability to receive a message and act on it immediately. This is the vehicle to the Leonine concept of dharma, living a life path inspired by courageous self-knowing. Leo is the Creator knowing itself through you, the Sun that unapologetically shines on everywhere and everyone; bringing light to darkness is all it knows. This is the artist that creates because she must. This is the life that you are called to heal. The Love you are inspired to follow. This is the sweet message you seek, the one that lifts you up so high to set you back down into an intuitive act. There is no hiding here.

When we don’t hide out, we are vulnerable. But we are also raw and tender, just like the natural state of the heart. With an open heart we move fully forward into the actions life asks of us. If it feels like open heart surgery, then that’s what it is. Or maybe you’re flexing your heart muscle like a hamstring that hasn’t been stretched in a really long time. The difference between melting into overwhelming vulnerability and being tender and raw rests in your perception. You are just present with your sensitivity. Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa called this quality of vulnerable openness ‘shaky tenderness’. By not shutting down or caving in, we stay engaged, healthy and available. This gift of Leo means that the shaky heart is a beating heart is a strong heart. There’s incredible power in your vulnerable heart.

Even while oft feeling like little needles have been pricking the heart, the Sun’s passage through the final days of Leo has prodded us to create acts of daring. Daring and courage always requires examination about our limiting beliefs, where what we’ve previously thought impossible have, through necessity, been re-worked or perhaps shed. The tough Cancer/Capricorn lunations this summer alighted core issues around wounding and bottom lines. As the final days of Leo prod your shaky tenderness, it’s as though your fingers finally get to poke holes into a very delicious Angel Food cake treat. Gifts have or will appear in surprising ways. Limitations are now sponge-y. They have a new malleability, an ability to be worked with instead of working you over. What question can you ask yourself that will serve as a reminder of your golden goal? If you can’t think of one, you can borrow one of mine: ‘what practical steps can I take to support my success today?’ Repeat your magical question as often as you need. This effort is championed by Leo, the lover of risk, the gambler who’s willing to sell her soul for a piece of True Love. This full moon illuminates a glorious truth & there’s no getting around it- creative risk is the only path to reward. Listen softly for ingenious epiphanies.

Full Moon Day, 8/19 Moon in Aquarius translates like a tuning fork to the day’s messages. The day is dreamy and mentally involved. Uranus, planet of sudden change lends himself to problem solving. Normally abrupt and obvious, this is a gentler, more mental path to change, best accessed through creative searching, tuning into dreams and visions, symbolic thinking, abstractions that birth creative and rare beauty. Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus form a Yod aspect aka the ‘finger of fate’. Imagine Michelangelo’s Creation of Man; your finger of fate, like Adam’s, touching God. It’s an electricity stream from you to the maker. If the mental reorganization you’re experiencing seems epic, it is. Relationships are in the foreground, questions about commitment as Venus, Saturn and Juno aspect one another harmoniously. Partnering is in the air and on the mind; the question may be about how to get closer, or what making a commitment entails- to who & how. Make sure you’re on the same page; a commitment means something different to everyone. Jupiter still travels closely with Pallas; justice has been served. New relationships have ended or formed. The south node with Jupiter has erased some past debts and presented us with new karmic privilege. Mercury’s direct! -and finally gets moving past the retrograde degree today so expect the mail & correspondence you’ve been waiting for to finally arrive.

8/20-21 Pisces Moon allows us to merge completely with others, if you’re noticing a little agitation around this; it’s a prologue for later this week when the space between self and others gets lax or antagonistic. If anxiety surfaces, take it to the canvas or the drawing board-today is a great one for defining what you need to make you happy with Venus sextile Saturn. A tone of formality lends practical support for our goals, creating a workable agreement that lasts. Recognize there are people you can count on in your life, people willing to buttress the load. Late afternoon 8/21, Moon moves into Aries, a minor rush of energy finishes up the end of Sun in Leo with a direct intuitive hit.

8/22-23 Moon in Aries makes the morning good for taking care of business. Fond adieu, Leo! Sun enters Virgo today. How to ‘make it work’ is the question on everyone’s mind for the next month. Life presents more than enough challenges, and we’ve been given a Rubik’s cube to cull out Virgo’s dexterity. The colors are kaleidoscopic; we see the task at hand and the colored cubes just don’t line up. These are workable problems, but they do require the patience to sit there, not to mention a good helping of self-analysis. If we understand the process, we are closer to the solution. Be willing to process all that comes up; although it may seem myopic to focus on the process exclusively, by so doing you allow the solutions to reveal in their own time. Avoid Virgo’s shadow of criticism by criticizing the critic: Hey big complainer, you only make it worse when you look at what’s wrong! If life reads you a How To manual, wouldn’t you rather learn from a Critic who equally gives you a good dose of What’s Right Now? 8/23 Moon is out of phase until this evening, making it hard to do anything other than business as usual. Use this down time to let up.

8/24-27 Blessings to Moon in Taurus to whom we say ‘ground the energy from the Great Mother Earth into these next few days of surrendered action’. Feel your feet on the ground and soak up her grounding energy, release the confusion- she can handle it. A quincunx to her ruler points to adjustment- we’re looking for new ways to do relationship; mutual agreements are here if we can just figure out how to hold the center without spilling the milk. Communication mishaps that seem to undermine our attempts at clarity: ‘I swear some stuff you just see better from further away, And I think I communicate best now, the less I say-‘ Did the cell phone or your mind fall into the cosmic aquarium? Double messages make anyone antagonistic and it’s hard to keep the peace. Mars holds the tension, in a kundalini dance of release, yet rather hazy and we can’t yet reach the goal: ‘And there’s a dusty old dust storm on mars, they say, so tonight you can’t see it too clear… Still I stood in line to look through their telescope. Looked like a distant ship light as seen from a foggy pier. And I know that I was warned, still it was not what I hoped.’ Know that this anxiety and confusion will pass like a ship in the night. (lyrics, Ani DiFranco)

8/28-9/1 And so it has. These are days of falling in love. Those who find their hearts open will find the key. With Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto (for good measure) it’s a creative time for the creator. Like the Birth of Venus, what delicately arises from the tempest is a resurrected phoenix. How do we ever truly know God if we do not know True Love? That’s why we look so hard for love. 8/28 creates opportunity for working out the miscommunication snafus of previous days with Mercury sextile Jupiter. Moon in Cancer supports mutual sympathy with clear sunshine of heartfelt communication. Heart in hand; pour warmth into your words. The Lover is showering compliments on his Beloved. Be generous by not holding back your beautiful thoughts- if you have something wonderful to say, speak it. 8/29 healing power in deep exchanges; opening up the wounds feels easy and right. 8/30-31 Fantasy is strong; ‘too good to be true’ even while foreshadowed by certain change & upheaval in the days ahead. Dream figures lurk like in half-shadowed hope at the edge of sleep, the air is electrically charged with magnetism, Moon in Leo roars while we find the power to create the Art we seek. http://www.angelpaths.com/majors/art.html. Spiritual devotional practices deliver in spades.

I swear, since seeing Your face,
the whole world is fraud and fantasy
The garden is bewildered as to what is leaf
or blossom. The distracted birds
can’t distinguish the birdseed from the snare.

A house of love with no limits,
a presence more beautiful than venus or the moon,
a beauty whose image fills the mirror of the heart.


A Sun/Uranus opposition holds the backdrop, assimilating changes in rapid fire. Unexpected developments create twists and turns for the nervous system. We try and catch our breath as we trip and stumble over Beauty. 9/01 The first day of September is a heart chakra revival, the blissful union. Use this day to conceive of your next act of beauty, make a devotional commitment to generosity. This day seeds the cycle of all forms of love for the following year.

9/2- Moon in Virgo, Pluto’s direct motion and the dark of the moon want to release the past, release fears, worries, wounds- the cosmic energy supports dropping at least some of it. Perform a ritual for release, more potent the days before the new moon when less light equals the death of what you no longer need.

And love is not the easy thing
The only baggage that you can bring
Is all that you can’t leave behind


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