Full Moon Gemini, Friday, November 26, 2005 12:07 PM PST

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Full Moon Gemini, Friday, November 26, 2005 12:07 PM PST

The Sun in Sagittarius has moved our focus from our complex inner world into greener pastures. The seeing in the dark quality of Scorpio has given our vision a just sharp enough edge. Sagittarius rushes in like the holidays-despite other intentions you find yourself caught up in a kind of frenzied excitement. People are no longer brooding and reticent but chatty, conversant and full of opinions. Intuition has had time to simmer and distill; now Sagittarius Sun wants to inspire our visionary abilities.

The rollicking enthusiasm of Sag puts wings under our sails. This is the swashbuckling adventurer in all of us, the part of you that knows the secret of life is the journey; the destination changes with the wind, likewise our direction. Mapmakers and map-readers are Sagittarians; the journey needs a guide because the destination changes.

This isn’t a new moon, so we’re not heading out into new terrain-it’s more of a good look to see where we find ourselves. The full moon culminates, brings what is already in motion to fruition. Having only been in the sign of Sagittarius for a few days, we are the fresh-faced explorer finding herself on a mountaintop, a panoramic view. The view is so vast and full, we may find ourselves are overeager at the Thanksgiving buffet of life (Jupiter trine Neptune). We may say something that seems uncharacteristic, make broad generalizations or overlook details. The map is big and the choices are many, we are easily swayed by ideas, opinions and our own hungry vision. We need a trusted companion who is practiced in the areas we lack, a Sacagawea* to our Lewis and Clark. Will the road fork ahead (yes, definitely) and which direction should we take then?

Who better to cover the role of Sacagawea, than our Gemini moon? She knows the lay of the land like the back of her hand, each twist and turn of the river bed, the language of the animals and the stars. Overeager perspective can be balanced by the messages we discern from people, animals, signs, and omens. Omens, angels, spirit guides (Jupiter) are divine providence-they appear when we need them. Whether we find them in the line at the supermarket or on a billboard off the freeway, these are important soul messages. All they require is your studied attention in the least expected of places-the familiar. I’ve had many questions answered from the carpool lane, spying a personalized license plate at the precise moment a question passed through mind.

Sacagawea says: ‘reacquaint yourself with the familiar. Find your way by curiously observing the path you travel each day.’ Turn the familiar on its head. It’s time to notice all you never noticed. When students of art are learning perspective, they make gridlines over their subject. They break the picture down into bite-sized chunks to discover it transforms their vision completely. They discover talent and facility they never knew possessed. Getting up close and personal with your assumptions about reality changes everything. You begin to realize how blind you’ve been.

Here’s an experiment for this Gemini Full Moon-try it after you’ve gorged yourself on turkey and are rolling yourself out the door for the standard walk of shame around the neighborhood. Trot down a street, a street you think you know well. Ready, set, open your senses and allow the sights, sounds, words, people and colors guide you to your next step. Follow your interest, engage your curiosity, laugh at the wind, cry with the willow tree. Do this to prime the pump for the pale excuse of your worn out habitual perception to fall away. Feel the weather around you and then let the familiar show you it’s new game. Ask questions; expect revelations (Sun square Uranus). Watch your world become animated with meaning.

*Thanksgiving to our ancestors. For the real story of the courageous Sacagawea go to http://www.bonniebutterfield.com/NativeAmericans.html

11/28- 12/01 About to go retrograde Mercury trines Saturn retrograde. Mr. Quick on his Feet wears the goat’s hiking boots for an extraordinarily long time. When the versatile intellect meets the eternal authority figure, mental endeavors are weighty and carry high expectations. This is a great time period to be writing or doing some kind of mental calibration-you will find your prose clear-cut, serious and deliberate. Doing the work privately, on your own, best uses this aspect. Don’t expect it to be a final draft. These guys are retrograde or soon to be, meaning that you haven’t seen the last of what you’re working on right now. The party is just starting. The details you seem to be covering so well may come back to bite you. Nonetheless, use the energy. Put communication into form: preparing speeches, presentations, books.

11/29 Mars squares Neptune to break up the reality cling-ons. As a precursor to the soon to slow Mercury, take yourself out of the game before other people do it for you. Other people’s behavior may seem misdirected or passive aggressive. At the same time, your motives may be equally vague and mysterious. Remove thyself. Go to a movie. Let off steam by pondering the mystery of human behavior.

12/01 Mercury goes retrograde, Venus slowly hedges in to join Mars in Scorpio and square Neptune, appropriately announced by a dramatic Moon in Leo day! What a brood we have here! The mind and all the details that we take for granted in the smooth functioning of our day to day decides to go on holiday. Away. Gone on Vacation, be back 12/22. Stereotypical communication and transportation issues ensue. Use these next 3 weeks to do all your ‘re-‘ work. Re-evaluate, re-asses, re-do, re-search etc. If you’re on the verge of a choice/decision now, watch the cosmic trickster blindfold & spin you around three times. Your action plan is completely different by Christmas. Thank you, Santa-Mercury-Trickster.

The dream continues to unfold-Venus and Mars meet in sexy Scorpio, squaring Neptune. This is a dream date where all is not what it seems. If a new love object enters your life right now, it’s of the love ’em and leave ’em variety. Partnerships may be taken to the next level, culminating in some kind of financial or emotional merger. Venus in Scorpio calls to mind a line of poetry by Henry Longfellow: ‘when she was good, she was very, very good. And when she was bad she was horrid.’ Leave the dream where it belongs (in bed with Neptune) and trust in the juicy sensuality and magnetism of the next week (12/01-12/08) to invigorate all your relationships with 32 flavors of temptation. At the end of the love fest, you might find yourself singing with Alana Davis: ‘I’m 32 flavors and then some. I’m taking my chances as they come 32 flavors and then some. Looking for truth and there is none.’

12/04 Sun in Sagittarius trines Neptune and we experience a heightened sensitivity, connectedness to a cause or endeavor. Selflessness is well expressed this day when you find yourself devoted to someone else’s plight. ‘Captain, step out of the Ego’. This is the time to flow. Feel it, know it. You have the potential to effortlessly lift someone’s burden just by your willingness to go there.

12/05 The next day, Sun sextiles Jupiter in Libra– the light of the Sun throws her enthusiasms into expanding partnerships. Contrast this day to the previous-now is the time to take a message to the masses, as the cosmic megaphone wants you to step up to the mike. Fortune smiles on you as you deliver or receive inspiration to/from another. Express benevolence and receive benevolence.

12/07 Mercury conjuncts Pluto for 2 out of 3 pass. Remember when Mercury touched Pluto the weekend of 11/20? What were you thinking, where was your head? Here we are again, for some more clarification. The mind is penetrating and deep; thoughts may be relentless & intense. The tendency is to hold too hard, be pushy, or think negative, obsessive thoughts. The seed potential of this conjunction is clear, ruthless honesty. Use your cutting instrument on only the most essential, precious parts of your life. A diamond-cutting tool is destroyed when used on semi-precious stones.

12/09 The dark of the Moon in Scorpio emphasizes this darkest part of the cycle before the new light. Bridges may’ve been burned, decisions made. There’s both finality and security in this knowledge. This is a great time to get rid of someone/something for once and for all-Scorpio brings permanency. Create a ritual for a symbolic ending. Let it go and watch your self become reborn with the New Moon.


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