Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook
by Debbi Kempton-Smith

“For those who don’t have all day to figure out tomorrow…”
You want to learn astrology, soup to nuts but you need to be entertained.  Ms. Smith keeps her promise. She’s also a respected astrologer who runs a daily column in the U.K. and has been around for awhile (this was published in the early 80’s). The chapters are short and sweet. They’re concise and quite accurate. Sometimes her own humor doeth runneth away and the deeper meaning of the symbols get lost in her funny gal style. But that’s okay too because it doesn’t lead you too far astray. I pick up this book to tickle my funny bone. Look to the “Astrology and Daily Living” sections on gifts, food, health, wealth and her complete list of keywords for astrological houses.