Russell Crowe: 07 April 1964

Let’s say you were stranded on a burning bridge, or being chased by thugs. Who would you want at your side? A pleasant Taurus, a caring Cancer, a quick-footed Gemini? Or how about someone you can rely on in an emergency, someone whose adrenals spit out cortisol like it’s going out of style? Sounds like Aries Australian Russell Crowe. Brave and courageous, Russell’s brawls are as publicized as his movies. Ladies, note: you can excite a male Aries with a good old fashioned appeal to his masculine ego, especially if it involves someone he feels particularly territorial about (in one brawl he was protecting his pregnant wife from photographers). Appropriately, the characters he plays are ultra-machismo, a heavyweight in Cinderella Man, a warrior in the Gladiator. But since he’s an out there Aries it will be difficult to keep Russell’s “wild man” confined to the screen, despite knowing better. Says he, “All that stuff, this public persona of me – let’s call him ‘the wild man’ – that is not helpful. It doesn’t make me more of a box office draw.” (IMBD Movie Database) In Australia, he says, confrontation isn’t such a big deal. We’ll remember that next time we need a strong man to save us from a burning building.