Angelina Jolie: 4 June 1975 

Provocative Angelina has monopoly real estate on the front pages of tabloid magazines. Scandalously portrayed as black widow for breaking up the Pitt-Aniston marriage – she lives her life unapologetically and true to character. Gemini’s motivating drive is experience: to experience the world as directly as possible, learning absolutely everything there is to know about a subject, interest or passion – then she moves on. It’s not that she’s unfeeling; Gemini’s an air sign, notoriously intellectually detached. This allows Gem to fearlessly tread into territory that would cause water or earth signs distress. Sexually provocative in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, unabashedly expressive in Girl Interrupted, yes, but Angelina’s also a U.N. ambassador and in recent years shows her soft, maternal face with children, and perhaps more discrete, protective (think Billy Bob years) of love with Brad. Is all this contradictory? If you’ve ever thought, “She could be any sign,” ask if she’s a Gemini! Mercurial Mercury shape-shifted into different disguises to pass between human/god realms unnoticed; Gem can change form like no other sign. What happens when Gemini’s voracious appetite for experience consumes the subject herself? A picture speaks a thousand words, Angelina’s tattoo: “Quod me nutrit me destruit” – What nourishes me also destroys me.