Tom Cruise: 3 July 1962

Born July 3rd, Tom Cruise won his first Golden Globe and Oscar Nomination for his sensitive portrayal of a Vietnam vet in Born on the 4th of July. Patriotism, loyalty, family and honor are Cancer themes, but so also, compassion, a guiding light in that story – eloquently expressed by Cancer Cruise. True compassion is often born of hardship; young Tom’s parents constantly moved, (he attended 15 different schools by age 14) eventually divorced, and ensuing financial hardship forced him to start working at age 12. While coddled Cancerians can remain Mama’s boys well into adulthood, Tom was forced to carry his home on his back, giving him tenacity and strength of character, qualities that helped him persist through dyslexia, and now, an ambitious acting career. Not to say that Tom wasn’t coddled as a child- his sister brought her girlfriends home to use 7-year-old Tom for kissing practice. A ladies man is born! Oprah and Rosie would both agree – this romantic Cancer captures ladies hearts everywhere.