Johnny Depp: 9 June 1963

In the same way a picture on a puzzle box top doesn’t tell us how to put the pieces together, if part of Gemini’s life is spent getting into character, the other part is figuring out those peculiarities that make them fit. Johnny Depp has been teen heartthrob on 21 Jump Street, voted the sexiest man alive by People magazine but in true Gemini fashion, all the man ever wanted was to play roles that give that ingenious Depp wildcard style imaginative form. As Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean, he insisted (with producers’ resistance) on hanging trinkets from braided goatie, gold-capped teeth, and an idiosyncratic walk. He imagined what life was like for a pirate who had spent too much time alone at sea, with a sun-cooked brain and a shifting center of gravity. Mindful observation allows Gemini to tell a story- something they’re very skilled at doing. From enchanting Neverland, Chocolat to more offbeat roles like Fear and Loathing and recently Libertine, Depp’s intellectual curiosity and offbeat charm make him one of the more interesting Gemini puzzles.