Barbara Streisand April 24 1942

On tour in 2006, singer Barbara Streisand didn’t miss a beat when a fan repeatedly heckled her during a political comedy skit on her tour. She responded to the offense with an expletive, rare for a female celebrity. Anger doesn’t discriminate one Sun sign from another, frustration is an equal opportunist. But remember our bullfight: it takes an awful lot of red flag waving from the matador to provoke Bull into rage. But when the Bull finally sees red, get out of the way! Barbara has taken her share of heat over the years, always turning it around by becoming the butt of her own joke. Her signature look, that Streisand nose made famous by Funny Girl, has seen her through thick and thin. From a highly self-conscious young woman to a funny, confident diva, her flaw became her beauty touchstone. Body and self image confidence is one of the hardest lessons for Taurus to master – beauty is more than skin deep. Many Taureans have the most beautiful voices. In the Zodiac, Taurus rules the neck, throat, vocal chords.