Venus enters Leo, beautifully, boldly

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When you stop putting yourself on the line, and you don’t touch your own heart, how do you expect to touch other people? Tori Amos, Venus in Leo Diva

People are emboldened in heart affairs during Venus in Leo’s passage. Dramatic gestures of love and appreciation fan the flames of passion and romance – and isn’t that what we’re all after? Courtship is more than a first date, or the honeymoon period of a romance, it’s the love of a lifetime. We want that in-love feeling all the time (Leos are notorious romantics)! What we want from our partners is nothing less than worship.

We want to be wooed and others want our wooing. How to woo? Heap the attention on your lovers, lavish them with luxury, affection, and every Leo’s wet dream: praise. Be the recipient of the wooing by unleashing your creativity, charisma and 1000% original flair. Leave an impression. As Venus in Leo fashion icon Coco Chanel said, A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Develop a signature style, a trademark and work it, work it, work it. Coco also said, There have been several Duchesses of Westminster but there is only one Chanel! The mark of authenticity is Leos claim and in Venus’ realm of beauty, style, fashion, relatedness and love… only the fabulous need apply.

Here’s the ultimate diva clause: there’s only room for one beauty in this room. She needs her own spotlight to feel special. You don’t have a spot for her? Hmmm. Wonder how long you’ll last in her life. She ultimately carries her own, so has no problem attracting someone who will turn up the wattage on her already brilliant mega-watt smile. Her attention makes you feel special too, like you’ve passed through the velvet ropes and are now entering the VIP lounge. You feel worthy. You feel happy. You feel loved. And this evokes a huge applause, like fireworks in your heart. It’s the woo-woo…and wow! of her creative power. A gold colored aura emanates from her mighty heart, dazzling us with her fierce love and creative strength.

And now a word from our sponsor…
Feeling intimidated, judgmental, shy, guilty, or think astrology is a bunch of over-sensationalized celebrity crock? Woo-woo and wow, you smirk. Well, obviously your diva needs some of your attention. Where have you hidden her? Underneath a rock? A frumpy peasant skirt? A condescending attitude, judgmental criticism? Where’ your sense of fun? As the original purveyor of attitude: attitude is attractive. Have you ever seen a supermodel without it? Hello?) And now we return to our original programming…

And her heart – It takes two strong hearts to withstand that heat. You can impress others with your amazing strength, but without an equal, someone with gifts and bravado equally as fabulous as yours, the applause moves in one direction. Which is fine if you’re Madonna, but not so cool if you’re in the business of loving, related partnership. You want a relationship that’s dynamic, exciting and mutually supports the artistry and creative gifts of one another. And no matter how evolved you claim to be, how grown-up or ego-less, none of us, read: no one ever loses the need for recognition and applause. It’s a human thing, an unabashedly appropriate reward for our human labors of love. One person wants to see their work of art hanging in the Louvre, the other, a patent on their new drug, yet another, the paycheck that pays the gross worth of their talent. So the give and take is: one person applauds and the other is the audience. Here’s the script: I am your number one fan. I love, applaud and honor (your talent here). You are wealthy and luxurious in so many ways (list here). You are so fabulous, classy and original (other adjectives here) that you blow me away! Your creativity is so endless I can’t wait to see what you come up next! Then you switch places.

Venus is in Leo and love is in the making. What’s Leo love? It’s active appreciation for your unique strengths, and those of the people around you. Its loving yourself enough to let your creative seeds out of the closet and let them shine. Celebrate your creative strength and power, put your work of art on the line and you’ll be met with a warm reception. Showcase your talent. Take a creative risk. You may think someone else is better than you (Saturn in Leo). So what? You’re an original. And please, for the sake of those trembling Lions who are just coming out of the den for the first time, follow the golden rule of Leo: if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all!


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  1. Pat Paquette

    You’re right, Jessica – everyone loves Venus in Leo!

    I’m curious, what effect do you think she’ll have on the Saturn-Neptune opposition? Will couples everywhere be even more challenged and perhaps even disheartened, or will there be more than the average number of marriage proposals this month?

    What do you think?

  2. Jessica

    Hi Pat!

    What a rich discussion point!

    So non-astrologers can understand, Saturn in Leo has been opposed, or challenged by Neptune in Aquarius for quite some time now, peaking in intensity on Sep ’06, Mar ’07 and Jun ’07 but emitting cosmic waves throughout. Those waves have been confusing and disorienting for some, imagine Saturn’s as a rock – it’s the planet of material reality (something , someone to have and to hold). Neptune is the immaterial, an illusionist, a poof of smoke. These two are completely opposite principles, the committed rock and the wisp o’ willow. How this might affect Venus is doubly curious not only because Venus is in Leo this June but she goes retrograde, re-entering Leo in August.

    Venus in Leo has a sweetening influence on matters of creativity and love, making the desire for love, beauty more coveted and attractive ~ that’s Leo’s way, a real glamour puss. Saturn and Neptune with attractive Venus in Leo make love at once both elusive and obvious. If it’s true love, what is true? Is it a ring or a spiritual connection? What obligations does love entail? You can’t Neptune away Saturn (by being ambiguous or willy-nilly about the heart) or Saturn away Neptune (love isn’t a thing to have, a trophy husband or a 2 CT ring, it defies definition). That’s the contradiction, no way around it.

    Expectations will be high for love. This will be good for lovers trying to get out of abusive relationships, or people who have already fallen out of love. Lovers become disheartened when their expectations are unrealistic -or- when their reasonable expectations aren’t being met. Maybe they’ve let things slip by, the love light put out far too long… As astrologers, we know the planets don’t deliver random hardship. The heart will speak out because it’s time to grow.

    When Venus goes retrograde in late July through early September, there will be plenty of clean up time. Where did we go wrong in our relatedness? Why are we unhappy? Is there any way to fix it? To me, this is a more powerful indicator of relationship difficulties this summer. To marry the Saturn-Neptune, Venus Leo/Virgo retrograde (Big LOVE!) ~ we need the Virgo action of Venus retrograde to, as Dr. Phil says “Get Real!”

    Proposals this month…hmmm. Let’s watch and see, then come back and blog!

  3. Pat Paquette

    Great answer, Jessica! Well, of course I’d say that, because I’m in total agreement. In fact, I think this applies to all close relationships, not just romantic ones.

    It certainly applies to what’s happening in my own life (which, unfortunately, I can’t share in a public space, because I’m using my real name and people will know who I’m talking about), but I’m very anxious to hear what your other readers are experiencing.

    Astrology works!!!

  4. writteninthestars

    All love relationships should be this much fun!!

  5. Maggiethecancer

    Jessica, I really loved how you wrote this. I really understand it.

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