A reader’s letter answered in Ask Moonkissd!:

I have a new beau in my life, and would love to see the long-term potential for lasting love… What do you see? Me: Feb 4, 1971, 12:31 p.m. Mountain View, CA. He: June 3, 1980, 3:34 p.m. Indianapolis, IN.
Signed, Amorous Aquarius

Dear Amorous,

Your Venus in Sagittarius is flirting with deeper, funkier relationship to love’s mystery…far deeper than she could know alone. Ah, the stories she could tell if you will but let her! Your thirst for experience is bottomless and yet what you need to do is reach the bottom, break your wild self of its instinctive urge to back away from the edge when the power of your emotions hit full fury (as they will). Yes, you need to follow your urge toward passion and intensity wherever it leads. This means breaking taboos, breaking from your tribe and cultural conditioning about what relationship means for everyone else – because it won’t for you. The road will be windy, tumultuous and exultant. And you will fulfill your need for passionate love experiences. So your male object d’ amour is 9 years younger than you, hurrah! You’ve broken one taboo already. With your Sun/Moon synastry you two have incredible soul connections; you take on bits of his personality, he takes on yours. Who’s who? It’s hard to know. You are Soul Twins in the deepest sense, discovering likes and likenesses. He softens you up, you’re far more moody, receptive, creatively stimulated and even allow yourself to depend on him a little. You touch him on a heart level; sometimes life with you is like open heart surgery. You peer into his heart, and your vitality enlivens his private self, the side of him he rarely lets anyone see – except you, a woman who thrills him. Don’t waste precious energy worrying about how long you’ll be together. You intuitively know this but our culture doesn’t reinforce the wisdom: you’ll be together as long as you need to be together. Five months or 50 years. Soul contracts work in our favor, for love, never against. You don’t have to play by anyone else’s rules, Aquarius.