I’ll Take Manhattan

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A reader’s letter answered from Ask Moonkissd!:

Dear Moonkissd,

My birth info is March 6, 1952 at 10:25 PM in Manhattan, NY. How do I ‘flow’ with Sept 22, 1945 in Vallejo, CA? Signed, Manhattan

Dear Manhattan,

You send out powerful attractor beams, Ms. Manhattan. With Mars in Scorpio on your Ascendant, make that a double. You walk into a room and send out sexy sonar signals to all the men within your range and beyond. They don’t even know you’re at the end of the bar…a force of nature more powerful than you, draws them to you. So your challenge is choosing Mr. Right from a lineup of artistic, creative types. Is Vallejo more than a lover’s tryst? You need to know, as your relationships can rapidly conclude before either you, or your partner, is ready. With juju this strong, you need a strategy to avoid creating a trail of broken hearts. Know thyself: you like cycling through partners with purpose, especially strong creative partnering. You only get lost when you merry-go-round date so fast and furious you lose your connection to your personal truth. Then you get involved for the wrong reasons, or engage in behavior that makes it hard for anyone to self-respect in the morning. For you and Vallejo, the sexual chemistry is exciting and you two have great collaborative energy, balancing one another yin for yang. With his Saturn on your Moon, Vallejo may want you to stick around for awhile. How does that flow for you? Either infinitely comfortable like your favorite pajamas, or as restrictive as a 3 piece suit. Will it bring out the nurture nature of your Cancer Moon and your romantic yearning to have a one and only, or will closeness be too close for comfort? Commitment is a real possibility – and Vallejo could be a huge support in fulfilling your life’s aspirations to be a truly great artist. Or this relationship may be more of a mirror to your knee-jerk response to partnership: choosing fun, romantic and creative liaisons over a long-term lover. The choice is yours.



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