A reader’s letter answered in Ask Moonkissd !:

I have been in love with the same man for over half of my life. We have never married each other. I wonder if the planets show a wedding in our future, or more of the same? Any Happily Ever After for us? I was born September 1, 1954 (DURING A HURRICANE) AT 6:58AM in Boston, Ma and my soul mate was born on December 12, 1955 around 6am in Boston also. Our relationship has weathered many storms and has become stronger in spite of (because of??) it. I would really like to know what the planets show for our future. Thank you very much for any insight you can share.

Dear Hurricane Baby, Feeling antsy are you? You’ve been with this very fine man for half your life, having weathered storms together (and he, hurricanes) when suddenly your relationship feels like “more of the same.” Oatmeal everyday and a kiss on the cheek before work, dinner at 7 – geesh, this love sure has become predictable. When partnership habits have become ingrained, as solid as your bowl of fiber, Uranus in Pisces buzzes into your relationship sector to shake things up. Talk about hurricanes. So know this Baby: you’re ready to do this “us” thing differently. Elements of excitement are trying to get in on the love action. Right now, your relationship is ripe for radical new changes, and you can count on this excitement action to send ripples through your partnership through next February. What you’re really craving is newness. Will marriage give you the freedom you crave, the thrill of entering new territory and breaking new ground? Maybe. I’ve a hunch you’ve considered marriage before (since you’ve been together half your life sans contract) and you’ve had your reasons for not becoming legally bound. Contract or no, you need to turn on the juice in your relationship, to experiment with things you’ve never done before together (is marriage radical?). Perhaps you’ve dreamed of attending a couples yoga retreat in Bali? Travel, anyone? Name a radical shared goal you can both pursue together. Oh, and P.S. some of these changes will be initiated by your partner, perhaps shocking ones. Don’t resist them. They’re on your growth path for a reason.