As Pluto transits Brit’s Mars/Neptune square, the crux of it is: Britney brit sm trusts no one.

Not even her mom.

They may very well be her staunch allies but to Britney they’re not. This is Britney’s chart unfolding, her life in real-time. Before she’s able to receive the rapturous (and sometimes scary, uh, can you say paranoid?) devotion of her partner and her public audience, she’s got to figure out how to move in this world. This is no walk-on part. They want something and importantly, she wants something, too – what is it? In the empire of Britney, the Queen must learn how to use people, or be used. Learning to wield her worldly power is a reasonable goal, as others definitively want a piece of Brit’s empire. But does she have the capacity to honestly self-reflect? On that question, astrology is silent. When we’re honest about what everyone’s getting here, it’s a clean deal. No more victimization and no more innocence.

There are subtler influences happening for Brit, ones requiring the personal capacity for deep introspection. Were I her astrologer, I’d eye that sneaky Mars/Neptune square. I might advise she practice the art of recognizing the speciously suspect, the signs of those swathed in the attractive allure of deception, wolves wearing sheep’s clothing. Some part of Britney is magnetized by deception, the false genuineness she encounters in people surrounding her. And were she receptive, I’d float the idea that (seeing as how the world is but a projection of our own stuff) “they” could be a reflection of her relationship to the pop princess within, of the one who could use her seductive power to get her way.

Being pawned and fawned over then milked like a cash cow can make a lady angry. So I’d suggest feeling the power of anger and channeling it in healthier ways. With Britney’s unaspected 12th house Mars in Virgo she’s having a hard time getting a hold of that righteous rage – it pops up suddenly, terrorizing everyone. But as her astrologer, I’d compassionately remember that slippery anger mostly terrorizes Britney. I’d suggest we find a way to contain it, channel it and own it. Scream in a field or take up kick boxing – so it doesn’t explode all over the front page. Britney’s sugar coated Libran mask is cracking up and the world is witnessing this about face. And were I her astrologer, I’d offer her my total empathy. Though she probably wouldn’t trust it. But that’s okay, too. I’d tell her: trust isn’t a given. Trust is earned.