During Virgo Sun, we have Earth to Heaven conversations with ourselves, especially about what’s right and fair.

Earth Mama: Here I am waiting in line at Staples. It’s like race day at the track. Everyone’s buying back to school supplies, what a mess of kids and moms! Oh my Fabulous, the checkout girl looks tired and I can already tell she won’t give me a refund for my printer ink. Yep, she’s insisting I bought the wrong one. I know I didn’t. She’s stressed. Choice: I can either make a scene and back up the line or let it slide. She’s just a nice girl who earns minimum wage and has had it up to here putting up with overzealous, uptight Marin moms. Forget it (grumble, smile, grumble).

Queen of Heaven: You did the right thing. Your money’s worthless up here anyhow. We Astraea smvalue things differently. We give in acts of kindness and in return, we get to shine brighter.

Earth Mama: Okay, sounds good. But I still want my friggin’ money back. I know I have a good case: I looked it up in the book, it says right there, the ink should work for my printer. But it doesn’t. It’s only fair. I’m not rich. Every resource is precious, right? That’s what you tell me. So I’m gonna hold onto that little bag with the receipt and take it back again. It’ll probably sit in the passenger seat of my car for the next month…but I’ll do it.

Queen of Heaven: Okay, fine. Not to mince words, but remember that time Amazon double shipped you? Think about the amount of brain space mailing that book back occupied. Your preoccupation with that one little thing kept you from finishing that article, still waiting on your hard drive…

Earth Mama: Thanks for nothing (glumly surrendering the cash).

Are you having conversations about what’s right, proper and fair?