“A philosopher once asked, are we human because we gaze at the stars, Stardust movie cropor do we gaze at them because we’re human? Pointless really. But do the stars gaze back? Now that’s a question.” -From the movie, Stardust

I snuck away for a matinee movie last week, Stardust. A girlfriend suggested:

“You know being in our line of work, you might want to see the movie Stardust…it may be far bigger than the summer’s blockbuster, maybe even up there with the Wizard of Oz.” I knew she was mystically speaking, of course.

When she said, “And it was released on the weekend of the Perseids Meteor Showers!” I went immediately.

Now I’m having a moment (at the Stardust website).

Here I am at this sophisticated simulation of deep space with glimmering stars. “Click on a Star!” I began reading prayers and star dedications. One said,

“Grandma, Take care of the kids.”

Another, “If the stars fall, would you pick them up…if I fell in love with you, would you pick me up?”

And for “those who are no longer with us…you are missed and always apart of us.”

I’ve got a huge tear in my eye as I send a birthday message to my husband. It’s amazing, how this simulated heaven connects hearts to the mystery through this computer portal. From my little office in an anonymous corner of the universe, I can feel their prayers and touch their star.

Do the stars gaze back? In our line of work they do. In Stardust, they do. As the movie shows, all you have to do is cross the wall, both literally and symbolically. The Village of Wall is separated from the place where all things are possible. At the brick wall of Wall stands an ancient stony guard (Saturn) guarding the threshold. To get past him, you’ve got to be tricky and imaginative. Distracting him might work, or some good kung-fu. My bet is: your greatest untapped strength is his biggest distraction. Reality could use a distraction. That’s just my on the fly theory, though.

From Wall, a young believer sets out to deliver his crush (Sienna Miller) a star. On the other side of the wall of Wall exists a fantastic city where the price of one item is the ‘color of your hair’ or ‘your favorite memory’ or ‘a kiss.’ Magic exists here. So does evil, beauty and the love of one fallen North Star (Claire Danes). Is the fallen star an answer to a boy’s desire for love? Or ridding the world of Evil? It really doesn’t matter which. It’s all the same: love. The stars are listening. And by reaching toward them, we can draw down heaven to earth, earthly aid.

And yes the stars speak back! Of course they do.

In the mystical arts, we endeavor to keep that conversation two-way.

With the Sun newly in Virgo and as we’re headed toward a Pisces Lunar Eclipse next week – I can’t help but connect the dots…

Have you seen Stardust? What did you think?