hugh-jackmanHugh Jackman: 12 October 1968

To reiterate that Libran males are masculine and daresay hunky, case in point Hugh Jackman, Wolverine in the X-Men series. With a name like Wolverine you’d expect to be scared, not charmed – yet Jackman’s character looks after his female co-stars. The Goddess, Venus is a protector of women so many Librans, both men and women, are protectors, champions of women. Wolverine shows Hugh’s sensitive side on screen; off screen Jackman is a devoted husband and family man. In interviews he often names his wife and children as more important than celebrity. Whether for family, love, loyalty, integrity behind every Libran’s choice lays a principle. To have a principle, a set of moral, personal or spiritual guidelines can help the sign of the Scales hold center between opposing viewpoints. Hugh is a lifelong student of the School of Practical Philosophy in Australia and now New York. At first it helped him act, but now he attributes this life philosophy to his success handling the demands of celebrity. He makes it look effortless – just like a Libra!