kelli ripaKelly Ripa. Birthday: 02 October 1970

Sadly, for many television watchers, soap operas are the only sole source for romantic fantasy. Happily for Kelly Ripa soap operas are many people’s source for romantic fantasy! Kelly played a role every woman wants, as a heroine in an epic romantic love story on All My Children. Ironically, the love story came true for her in real life – she had fallen in love with her co-star (real-life) husband four years prior to her daytime television marriage. There’s nothing more natural for Libra than love and marriage. Librans thrive in partnerships of all kinds, marriage and professional, and are also fabulous interviewers. Effervescent and bubbly, she’s a natural as co-host on Live with Regis and Kelli. Like Libran Barbara Walters, Kelli has knack for disarming the interviewee with charm, just when a person gets comfortable asking a difficult question which they obligingly answer, out of politeness. Kelli’s interview style is more playful than Walters, but both respectfully observe the Libran code of conduct: mind your manners. How can anyone not respond in kind?