I am a lifetime believer in astrology and the inherent power of the Universe. My father was the first to instill this interest in me, teaching me the basics of psychic development, astral planing, and astrological influence while still in elementary school.

I was born January 22, 1982 at 1.27 pm in Hayward, CA (Alameda County). I believe that my intuition is sharpening and I long to harness that sensitivity and make it grow into the future. If possible, please tell me what is in store as my interests expand… I am applying to graduate school this fall for my MFA in Fiction Writing and feel compelled to go back east, perhaps to Brown or Columbia. Is my urge to go back to school on par with what I should be doing with my life? Travel, dance, theatre, literature, and a sense of security are all important to me now. I just want to be sure I’m headed in the right direction, and see how the mystical arts can make these possibilities grow.

Thank you for your time and all your help!

Dear Astral Planer,

I’m thrilled to know a handful of young woman like your self, who are bringing their psychic gifts to the next generation. We all have Neptune in Sagittarius in common; we’re a generation of spiritual seekers inspired to learn, grow, live and teach our spiritual tools!

Speaking of Neptune, you’re receiving a transit to your Mercury and Midheaven in Aquarius right now – piquing your interest in all things occult and unusual having also plagued you with questions over life direction for several years. Neptune isn’t the most reliable career advisor, infiltrating your being with very creative, exciting dreams it’s tricky to pin down exactly what to do with these longings and urges. Neptune asks: can I make the dream real? That’s a real question – one not to act on prematurely. Luckily, Neptune is now moving off your Midheaven (January 2008) to support your Saturn through next year. Now you can get down to business with your creative dreams. Test them for practicality – yikes, not whether the world will pay you for them (we create financial opportunity when we live our dream) but whether you see your self fulfilled and happy. Ask yourself the harder question: can I see this choice fulfilling all my needs, or will I be longing for something else yet?

You do want to go to school, travel and experience the world. You may consider living abroad someday. You have a 9th house Sun and Venus in Aquarius. Speaking of schools, the school you choose mustn’t be conservative – it should embrace your different way of looking at the world or you’ll feel displaced. You’re happiest at a school of innovators and seekers. You have Mercury, angular. Writing is a means to an end. You’re here to give unusual information to the world. Think about what you’d like to teach the world. With your copious skills in the mystical arts, I have a hunch you have a few ideas.

Take your dreams to act and dance seriously, but don’t make them central. My concern is that you might make a sweeping choice that focuses on one exclusively, to the detriment of your deeper needs. You’re a lifelong learner – it will never stop. And you’re in a stage where everything’s possible – exciting & tricky. Integrate your interests. For example, a living abroad exchange program allows you to travel & learn. Maybe a healing dance program that uses your natural gifts while exploring dance/performance. Look into non-traditional university programs. Jupiter crosses into your higher mind sector in December 2008, and by then you’re traveling, going to school, learning, maybe all three.

Best of luck!