Scorpio Sun helps clear out negativity and resentments by transforming sexy vintage witchthe personal shadow, which pops up during these shadow-y times. And this Taurus Full Moon is a powerful, magical time for bewitchery. Here’s a Halloween Spell to help you face your shadow and reclaim your beauty. This spell works best if done alone.

Light a white candle (for cleansing & spirituality).

Burn some incense.

Put on some really hateful song, preferably one that you play when you’ve been dumped, or reminds you of a really negative time in your life.

Now face yourself in the mirror and remember that time you felt ashamed, humiliated, angry and just plain ugly inside. Maybe you felt wrongly judged, or you judged yourself harshly. It was likely another person who brought up that nastiness inside, so invite them into your imagination. Play out the scenario in your mind, remembering all those icky emotions, how they made you feel. Scrunch up your face, jump up and down. Then dance with it. Literally. Start dancing like a porn star in some greasy dive bar. Smell the nastiness of your hostility, taste the greasy ugliness of your ugh-ly disgusting feelings.

If you’re a writer, write it down, uncensored. If you’re a talker, just start giving voice to your feelings, no matter how ugly they sound. If you’re more moved by the physical, contort and twist your body into unattractive positions, the kind you’d be ashamed to know your neighbor saw (remember to drop the blinds). Just let the dance move you.

When you’re feeling satisfied with yourself and start to get a little bored, ask your higher self this question:

If I’m such a good/spiritual/sweet/beautiful/evolved person how can I be so goddess forsaken ugly?

Then listen for the answer.

Here’s the Spell, to be repeated 3 x:

I am this ugly and this beautiful.
I am this nasty and this kind.
I am this hostile and this compassionate.
I am this judgmental and this tolerant.
I am this resentful and this forgiving.

Make up a couple of your own…

This is the part you give yourself peace, by making peace with your opposites.
Ask yourself what both sides have in common:
Ugliness & Beauty: the need to be adored and cherished.
Nasty & Kind: the desire to be cared for.
Resentment & Forgiveness: passion and compassion.

Don’t stop until you’re done with your entire list of paradoxes, and feel completely satisfied and at peace.

Now say:
By my will and candle bright
I free my shadow into light
Her power and beauty I have absorbed
This truth I speak releases me from discord

Release the misunderstandings you’ve had within your self, and others, into the candle light as you blow it out. (You can burn your nasty list in the flame, too – it’s a good idea to destroy the evidence to avoid having it fall into the hands of someone who might misinterpret it.)

Thank Goddess for helping you recover your light and dark!