Understanding Retrogrades in a Masculine Culture (& Solid Fashion Advice)

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Hi Moonkissd!

I have a problem. I’ve been reading article after article saying that you shouldn’t initiate new things during a retrograde. I know that Mars and Saturn are about to go retrograde. My question is when should I go in to follow up on a job application I filled out? I sent the application in on October 1. I currently have a part time job teaching at a community college. The semester ends a week before Christmas. The new, better paying job I’m seeking basically requires that you be slim and beautiful. But when is the best time to go in and show them myself? I need to let my current boss know whether I’m available for the spring semester soon.

Please help if you can. DOB December 23, 1981; Atlantic City, NJ, 9:39 pm.


Anxious for a change

Dear Anxious,

No worries! Let me start off by telling you to lay off the mood altering drug known as retrograde anxiety. The more retrogrades I experience, the less I freak out in foreboding, the better I understand their necessity and goodness.

Here’s a theory. All of the planets in the solar system are masculine, except Venus (the Moon isn’t a planet). Sometimes Neptune appears feminine, but in myth is masculine. Mercury is supposedly gender neutral, more often appearing as a young man or woman who looks like a man. My point is, life with masculine planets is a day at the track meet – they just don’t stop moving and initiating. Life in the “solar” system (read: masculine) is constant active motion, just like the 9-5 world in which we live. When do we get to rest, to receive, to collect our selves – other than with Venus (no wonder Venus is everyone’s favorite)? Retrograde to the rescue!

We actually get to relax with retrograde, slow down and process. Retrograde periods are reflective- and they throw us off because we’re living in an initiating, masculine world! There’s nothing wrong with retrograde, so don’t believe the hype. During retrograde periods, things relating to the planet (Mars=self-assertion, energy, momentum) are ripe for feminizing – inner listening, understanding, relating, reflecting. Isn’t it interesting: those are the qualities we women are perpetually asking for from our men! Hmmm, is the world out of gender balance? If we’ve been unconscious about our planet, for example, how we manage anger with Mars, retrograde asks us to work them out. The underlying message is: slow down, introspect and most importantly take your time.

During retrograde periods we finally get to pace ourselves, to listen to the planet’s voice, to hear what needs to be integrated into our consciousness. Let it be what it is. Retrograding is that feminine process of collecting all the loose ends and weaving them back together. And we now have the time to do it. How absolutely Re-freshing!

I wanted to chase away the bogeyman of retrograde, now let’s relate this to your question. You already applied for the job. Retrograde times are great for follow-up, after all, you’re not initiating anything new per se.

Mars rules your 4th house of home, in relation to the 10th affects your career/professional status. You’ll be dialoguing with other people (Mars retrograde in your 7th) about your career, possibly not liking their feedback/offers -maybe someone’s being unreasonable, or your boss is applying pressure. Oh well, it’s a process and you’re learning more about what you really want.

You need to give your boss an answer soon. Very few people can afford to leave a job without having another in place. Yet undecided about your teaching career, you’re not ready to terminate your job.

Saturn rules your 9th house of higher education/opportunity and enters this area by transit for a few days in December, then immediately retrogrades (December 19) and leaves until July 2007. You’re re-evaluating your position; you may not reach a permanent decision until that time.

Jupiter transits your ascendant at this same time in December, and at that time everyone likes what you have to offer. Having Jupiter in your sign for the next year puts you in prime position to make your move. You’re holding all the cards in the upcoming year, very good news.

Retrograde gives you time to figure out what’s right for you.

Meanwhile, you need to be trim and beautiful for the potential job offer? Make yourself pretty, girl. Pronto! Venus enters Libra on Thursday, and because she rules your sector of worldly status, the boss is receptive to your loveliness. Don’t overdo it – go for tasteful elegance, polished and classy. You’re a Capricorn rising, so whatever your look, professionalism is your signature. But also consider whom they want you to be, what their culture is like, what others are wearing. You know, the basics: wearing H&M clothing to a fashion house is not the Libran way. Get out there and present yourself to the world (aim for November 8-17). They’ll like what they see.



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