Dear Moonkissd,

I really think I made a big mistake, by letting go of a guy that I can’t get out of my head. His D.O.B. is Aug.21, 1960 Leo. My D.O.B. is Oct. 22, 1963. I honestly thought he was living a secret gay life, but, I just don’t know what to believe. I wake up thinking about him and go to bed thinking about him.


Did I Do The Right Thing?

Dear Right Thing,

Here’s the existential question: what exactly is the right thing for a Libra Sun, with Venus and Neptune in Scorpio? You will waver and wobble and second guess your love life to pieces. OMG – how confusing. Of course you’re attracted to the guy with questionable, err vague sexuality. Unless it’s some kind of sexual conquest for your Venus/Neptune, to long for the unobtainable man you can’t touch, you need to ask him about his secret gay life, if it does exist – or the wondering about it will drive you crazy.

I can’t identify gayness in the chart, so don’t ask. I do however see a powerful connection between his Venus and your Pluto, which excites your Venus in Scorpio. A secret sexual life could very much be a possibility here, but digging a little deeper, your connection stimulates deep, soul stirring contact. There’s something going on beneath the surface of your relationship, and your relationship -physical or not – could dramatically change the way you experience love and intimacy forever.

Which leads me to explore the possibilities…like what will you do if he really is gay? You could have an open relationship. You could choose to be sexually intimate with someone who probably won’t be your lifelong partner, but will push all the right buttons. I’m not ignoring the obvious Venus/Neptune-in-Scorpio fact that somewhere deep down inside, even if unconsciously (though I doubt it’s totally unconscious) you’re game – I mean, you’re already right there, poised. What you need to remember, if you do go forward with this, is your choice and power in the situation: you’re acting on your desire to explore the boundaries and boundary-lessness of love. He’s your erotic obsession. Own it. Work it.

Lastly, I’m a little concerned that there are negligible Mars, ie sexual contacts between your Mars and Leo, which could sum the situation up in a nutshell. You have the Venus market cornered, explaining the emotional and superficial attraction. In theory, you two get along brilliantly. But Mars is missing -Â the pure, raw physical desire, the kind that makes you want to rip off each other’s clothes and go for it – and more importantly, the kind you need to sustain ongoing physical chemistry. Wait, there’s hope, his Mars and your Venus are making an uncomfortable but interesting compromise (hmmmm…) and a sextile to Uranus. If you suggested it, he’s probably open to experimenting. But you may have to take the initiative. I’d have to say, no matter how you slice it, generating sexual energy is an issue here and you just seem to be getting little astrological love in the sex department.

So now that you’re armed with astrology, what will you do about it? Let us know how it goes. Best of luck!