The women of Europe have this sexy style, conveying both femininity and Corset power. It’s subtle, hardly noticeable – unless you’re a brick – or you’re predisposed to the so called artificial sexiness of say, Hollywood. European women are rarely over the top, but truly embody the honor of being the more mysterious sex. It’s not one thing they wear, the attitude with which they wear it. The handbag, the hair, the shoes – do not singularly contain their feminine power, yet convey a natural elegance and class.

A powerful woman’s invisible allure is compelling. And that aura of mystery makes their man appear a mere accessory on their arm, a puppy on their leash. You get the impression that, were said European woman say to her man, “roll over Gerald,” he’d assume the Dead Bug yoga pose in a second flat.

What is the mysterious allure of the feminine? Look for the secret of feminine mystique, but don’t be prepared to find it. Like a well-crafted piece of lingerie, it’s less what it reveals, than what it hides. A pair of hot pants is a sorely feeble attempt at allure – but a corset, now that’s a Venus in Scorpio design! Yet underneath it all, the sexually self-possessed woman wears something deeper, more mysterious, the invisible vibration that connects her to a deeply resonant erotic power and beauty.

And some women are clearly put off by their own sexual power, the seductive face of the feminine that Venus in Scorpio is – so much that they disdain their feminine side, instead choosing to repress their feminine sexual power. I was reminded of this while watching one of those makeover shows on the BBC. One of the hosts, showing the make-me-over guest her new style options said, “We know how much you dislike looking feminine…” as the plain woman in plain Jane clothes nodded her head (Strangely the host’s solution was to steer her away from flowery prints, and focus on subtle tailoring – which struck me as a 19th century solution).

Oy, all that bound up kundalini energy she could be tapping for creativity, success, happiness and power! My heart was pulled by her potato sack appearance. Was she caught in a disempowering belief that it was shameful to be feminine? It was as though she’d been stripped her of her natural, Goddess given power. You don’t have to wear flowers to be feminine. You do have to know how to use your Venus – to attract, to sweeten, to appreciate. I wondered what her tastes were. Whehter she liked gelato or ice cream, Bach or Bacharoff. Whether she preferred cotton over silk (yes) but my real question was whether she cared at all. If Venus connects us to the heart of love and personal fulfillment, we ignore her at our own peril. Carolyn Casey, astrologer extraordinaire, says that learning about our unique affinities and quirks actually connect us to our mission in the world.

Well over in America, where we have not mastered the art of subtle mystery, we are instead are bombarded with sexuality – even when we don’t want it. Is this how we penetrate the mystery? I think: maybe that’s why some women choose to forego their erotic power altogether. It’s one solution: avoidance, hiding your sexuality behind layers of clothing and disdain for all things feminine. But it’s not an empowering one. Maybe the domestic feminine is more comfortable for some women, but the price of sacrificing an erotic life to housecoats and nappies, yet she passes the erotic longing (and confusion about how to find it) onto her daughters. In the case of our makeover case, my guess is she wanted to be respected and admired from the neck up because her natural attractiveness might, well, distract a man. Goddess forbid a woman distract a man from his work! I say, imagine the power it could give her.

american girl in rome

Walking through the streets and buildings of Europe, centuries of history gives me clues to this secret world of the feminine. Every building and castle, every cobblestone and brick street centuries-long rich, were laid with stories and lives, whispering secrets you can’t wait to discover and still leave you wondering. Like a magnetic force field, the buildings resonate with awe-inspiring energy. I can feel the spiritual-creative intention behind the form, the feminine presence. You can feel death here, and life – how can you not? These cities have witnessed communism, cold wars, liberation and thrived. So many lives have passed this way. And the procrative recycling power of life – to transform, to live and thrive – remains.

So we come full circle. It seems, throughout history (think the holy grail, the Da Vinci code, Mary Magdalene), the story of the feminine remains concealed to contain it’s power – how Venus in Scorpio!

The erotic life, one that contains secrets and mysteries, we’ll never entirely undertand or possess until we dare to risk…feeling it. The feminine mystique holds our fascination because she is silent, and she is magical. She whispers……come, be with me, be ravished by me, discover me, drink me, appreciate my awesome power. She is rapturously receptive to all my secret desires and wishes, and I am received.