Venus in Scorpio Has Hotness

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snake tongueBe tempted, be very, very tempted.Venus enters Scorpio today, and we’re all ready to explore the sexually taboo and reintegrate this erotic feminine presence into our bodies and souls. What does she look like? Well, for one, she doesn’t wear flower print dresses (or not the innocuously sweet kind, think Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers – bursting with life and eroticism). She oozes hotness. She’s the seductress who has been known to brazenly, unapologetically use her fierce beauty and eroticism to get exactly what she wants. She works the erotic and magnetic power of her femininity in that special way that only a Mars ruled Venus can do – by hypnotizing you. Fall under her magnetic charm, you become her love slave.

You may find yourself doing things your Grandma told you not to, and falling for irresistible people you really shouldn’t. And if you think you shouldn’t do it, you really, really want to. Heck, maybe you should.


Tonight (which is today for you!) I witnessed this beautiful fire dance, an elegant symbol for Venus in Scorpio energies. A man and a woman, the yin and the yang passionately embracing and dancing with twirling batons, spinning balls, jumping rope – of fire. Dangerous! Thrilling! It was a spectacular event. And I was reminded that during Venus in Scorpio times, we can find ourselves in a fiery sexual attraction, if we don’t know how to hold center, to maintain awareness of the hotness moving in and through us, and ultimately learn to control our physical passions instead of having them control us – we get burned. These dancers smiled fire dancer as the flames leapt around them, demonstrating a high level of mastery over the element whose nature is to burn, which then allowed them to enter the realm of playfulness. Venus loves playfulness!

Once upon not so long ago, there were far fewer ways for a woman blessed with an erotic aesthetic to be sexually self-possessed. So Venus in Scorpio became the town witch, the mistress, the prostitute – all of whom were treated less than righteously by society. The other option was to become a nun, and earn the pious reverence of keeping the sacred flame of sexuality hidden but for God, hence her reputation for either promiscuity or abstinence, which Venus in Scorpio people well know. But Venus is only hyper sexualized when she has no other options. And today we have options, and a far less repressive atmosphere in which to perform our “options”.

erotic art india And it’s not strictly sex anymore. Instead of repressing or controlling that mesmerizing seductress, now we can transform Kundalini energy into something higher. We can channel our creativity to create and worship delicious artworks or passionate symphonies that shoot our first chakra energy through the roof. We can develop a grand obsession for a particular thing or interest that moves us (preferably not a person, so we won’t get accused of being a stalker). We can honor our need for a sensual -and- intelligent erotic life (Venus is a smart lush) by studying the Kama Sutra -and- comparing the difference between French, Italian and American Lingerie. We can enjoy poly-intimacy – and forming deep soul-rocking relationships with as many people as we want. We can study any of the Snake Goddesses, Kali, Eve, Xochiquetzal, Isis, Demeter, Gaia, Shakti and all the Buddhist Dakinis.

Sexually speaking, cultivating an erotic life is more than just sex for Venus in Scorpio. It is a general and specific deepening of our appreciation for the eroticism unifying all life forms. And the more we relate to our own sensual energies during Venus in Scorpio times, the more likely we are to find the secret delicious happiness in the center of the earth.



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