What’s Up With My Major Karma?

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Dear Moonkissd,

My birth info is 2-11-71, 3:25pm, Seattle, WA. In the past few months, I’ve been struck with a severe bronchial cold (and fever), a major dog attack, and now some serious intestinal woes (coupled with fever). I heard someone mention that Sept-Dec ’07 is a time for major karmic patterns to surface and get worked out. Any idea what these events have to say about my major karmic patterns?

Major Karma

Dear Major Karma,

Saturn is the planet of karma and Saturn’s entry into Virgo has been incredibly tough on many folks, primarily because Mr. Karma joined with Mrs. Karmic south node in Virgo – karma mates, double karma, double problems. Yet as I write this, something inside me rebels against taking a fatalistic approach to karma – despite having talked to so many people like your self facing health problems this fall, and having lost some dear loved ones during this time. See, from astrology’s perspective, the entire chart is karmic, which connects us to the mysterious unfolding of our individual life karma. And with the stream of time, everything is always ripening, like a stinky fruit. When Saturn comes along and aspects our chart, clear lines are drawn in the sand. He says, “You are here, time to advance forward one spot and move on up the food chain. There’s no turning back.” Whether you question whether what’s happening now is from a past life, or from last year, the right way, and the only way to respond to “ripening karma” is to thoroughly evaluate where you find yourself today, and make a healthy new choice (Saturn in Virgo).

Karmic Saturn incidentally rules your house of health, and interestingly enough, small animals – would be funny if it weren’t so painful, no? Saturn in Virgo has been transiting your Moon, both related to your stomach (Virgo, the intestines and Moon, the stomach). I’m not going to tell you a dog bit you because you bit someone in your past life. It’s just not helpful or actionable.

What you can do is take measures to improve your diet and health. Since you have Venus in your 6th house, (a lazy approach to eating or a love for sweet indulgences?) I might suggest working on your conscious eating. With Saturn transiting your Moon in Virgo through 2008, you need to eat simply, and purely during this time. If you don’t eat organic food, consider starting. I mention this because Neptune will be transiting your Sun next year, which could lower your immunity (and drive you to drown your sorrows in a bottle of whisky, or incessant partying if you’re so inclined). My suggestion: don’t do it. I do notice your feel good planets Jupiter and Neptune throwing a party in your 5th house of leisure. If you’ve been off-base with your lifestyle habits, drinking and partying too much, the Lord of Karma wants you to clean it up. Again, consciousness is everything, always your best approach to ripening karma.

Your natal Saturn in Taurus in the 10th says: be the boss of your experience! That’s your karma right there – not letting anyone else boss you around, but you being the boss of you. Make every piece of your experience, as troubling as you might find it, yours. That’s how you deal with Saturn – full on responsibility.

Best of luck,



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