Matthew McConaughey 04 November 1969matt

This good ‘ol boy from Texas chose not to join his family in the oil business, instead earning a degree in film, made a few movies, started a production company and in 2005 was voted as the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. Ladies love his Southern charm, his easygoing smile but those deep blue eyes… are the eyes of a Scorpio. If Scorpio’s eyes have the hypnotic power of a snake charmer, Matthew’s living proof! His split with the beautiful Penelope Cruz has us thinking about Scorpio’s reputation for bachelorhood. Worth re-stating, the Scorpion is deeply, deeply private. A feminine sign, he feels life on the emotional level, speaking the language of desire with his body and soul. The Scorpion’s urge to merge with another warm body is a gateway to soul connection – no other sign so closely associates sex with an experience of surrender, oneness and bliss. Physical, sexual involvements easily turn into emotional entanglements, and sorting out the complex passions and strong attachments in Scorpio’s love life takes perspective and humor. Humor us, Matthew!