dragons head and tailThose karmic nodes, the instigators of life destiny, karmic ripening and helpful meetings shift into the signs of Leo/Aquarius this week. Now, they’ve been in Virgo/Pisces for the past 18 months, so the Virgoans and Pisceans among us can now take a bow – the rollercoaster year and a half eclipse cycle is over for you (this was extra tumultuous because your eclipses almost always involved Shock Jock Uranus in Pisces). Now Leos and Aquarians assume the spotlight.

Individually, Leos and Aquarians will have the ON/OFF switch thrown (the first one in February 2008) as issues surrounding your personal life (your creativity and life direction) and your one on one relationships absolutely “come to life” by those flickering lights. The nodes in your sign(s) (or on an angle of your chart) indicates you you’re ripe for the next step. You won’t have to worry about how this will happen, as things will serendipitously come together. Just stay firm in your resolve, and keep plugging away at creating your life dream. Collectively, the nodes point to a directional change in our attention. We’ll be using our individual talents to work together, to use our individual creativity (Leo) for the benefit of everyone (Aquarius). The members of our personal and cultural tribe will help us fulfill our destiny(s). So get together with groups, people of like mind and mission. Collaborations have a touch of the genius, as Aquarian energy is forward thinking and progressive. Ask yourself, how can you help your friends achieve their dream, and how can they help you achieve yours?