Saturn in Virgo needs a day off. Okay, maybe a few months – till May. desk-on-a-beachHey, Saturn deserves it, we deserve it. We’ve been working so hard, honing our craft, putting all the details in order, making that list, checking it twice…It’s the first Saturn in Virgo retrograde, so we could all use some time to sync up with the projects and ambitions undertaken since September. If we’ve been “nose to the grindstone” maybe during this period we can begin to use the big picture energy of Jupiter in Capricorn to enlighten our vision. Saturn presides over the very structures, and now details, of our life, so expect delays in the big projects you’ve been so focused on – possibly to the exclusion of other areas in your life! Use this time to sit with what you’ve been working on and toward. Jupiter in Capricorn asks: are you seeing the forest for the trees? How can I help you envision other paths to your goal? Look over that grand plan again; you don’t need to re-draft your dream, just sit with it. I see Saturn in Virgo as the ultimate architect of our lives at his drafting table he meticulously draws the most energy efficient and scalable model for our dream house. If he (we) were to rush, there’d be too many mistakes to fix later on – and we want to be holistic in our approach not excluding or even diminishing one part of our dream house for another. So give the contractors a few months off, sharpen your pencils. Work smarter not harder. Focus on the vision and the manifestation will happen down the road.