Venus sends love to Sagittarians today as she enters the sign of the free alyssa milano spirit! Our love lives need room to move, from the bedroom of Scorpio and out into the big wide, world. Well, we could make love all day – heck, it’s worked for the past month – but now we’re romanced by the call of the wild, the call to adventure. If anticipatory excitement rules our hearts (and it does) love brings all the possibility and excitement of Christmas morning. We all need to believe in the presents of love like we need to believe in Santa.

What a relief to be free of the alternating emotional upheaval and intense soul meshing of the Scorpion, thinks Sagittarius. But Venus in Sagittarius has a touch of the Scorpion.

With Pluto (still) in her sign, ask any Sagittarian about just following their heart, guided by their infamously blind optimism and hopefulness, and you’re likely met with a groan. Sagittarians have wisened up in matters of love over the years, but for their reputation as hopeless romantics, the sign that’s addicted to the falling in love stage of romance, they too often leap before they look.

There’s no denying the sparkling allure of Venus in Sagittarius. Hotties Alyssa Milano and Christina Applegate both have Venus in Sagittarius. November’s Details magazine pegs Alyssa as “the girl no guy ever got over.” I’m certain this applies to both Alyssa and Christina, girls who grew into women on T.V. sitcoms. Both represent the “unobtainable fantasy” of the sign more famous for its erotic suggestiveness than emotional follow through, a driving that attraction to fire signs. Both ladies have a provocative style, one writer says, “Inappropriate mental theater was always a big part of the Alyssa experience.” Still you can’t help but notice how their presentation is a blend of femininity and muscular athleticism. Every female Venus in Sagittarius is a guy’s girl, just as comfortable in a sporting event, in a kick-boxing class, as glamming it up for a night out.

Alyssa says she has a thing for dating athletes, “what girl in her right mind wouldn’t want to date a ball player?” They love to show you they can kick butt with the guys, but she’s a woman first. Alyssa started a clothing line of Major League Baseball wear for women because she was tired of buying pink women’s sports gear, differentiated from men’s only by the color pink.

christina applegateAnd Christina is a stunning looker in her new role on Who’s Samantha? where once again the fantastic allure of this Venus sign will have the opposite sex remembering the Kelli Bundy days. Like Alyssa, has found her niche in situational comedy acting. She’s said “It takes a lot to make me laugh, I’m kind of a comedy snob” and Christina identifies with this character Samantha, as so much like herself, who is on a kind of confusing quest to remember who she really is (a Sagittarian specialty). Venus Sagittarians will crack you up with their bungled and crazy humor, but they need their rants and raves to be taken seriously. Appropriately, neither is known as a serious actress, and even if a little air headed, both wear the aura of earnest sincerity. Their appeal is their Sagittarian zeal for getting into and out of nutty, hair brained schemes.

Both ladies are single, and not for looking. Like other Venus in fire signs, Sagittarians are always on the prowl, but Sagittarius is the sign of the eternal bachelor and bachelorette. Not that you can’t marry a Sag. But don’t clip their wings or put them under a glass jar. They’ll bolt. A spirit of adventure, growth and discovery is essential to any lighthearted Venus in Sag relationship – as a couple who plays together, stays together.

For the next month, love and romance blooms in a fun party atmosphere, and we encourage Venus energies by mixing and mingling with people who have something interesting, exotic and mind-blowing to offer. Revel in the variety of personalities and interests that make others attractive. And if you find your self “sold” on something or someone you didn’t even know you wanted or needed, you’ve been charmed by Venus in Sagittarius.