brad pittBrad Pitt 18 December 1963

These days we bet when Brad’s not on a movie set, he’s jet-setting with his leading lady. For the Sun sign who virtually equates sitting still with depression, being in constant motion must be divine. Sagittarius thinks: there’s so much to see do and be in the world, so much to discover about oneself why on Earth would anyone want to limit himself to just one place? It’s the curse and the blessing of the Archer, the eternal restlessness, endless questing, to find a world bigger than his own back yard. For half man, half horse Archer, being fenced in – in the wrong relationship, the wrong identity or job – is a curse far worse than restlessness. This lesson we’d do well to learn from Sag: there’s no price higher than the price of freedom – and it’s worth every penny. When he fell for Angelina Jolie he also began an international love affair. It looks like Brad has discovered the Sagittarian Holy Grail: traveling abroad can give a person new perspective on the world and his place in it.