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Dear Jessica,

I’m another Sagittarius who has a run of bad years with this one being one of the worst. I have been trying turn everything around and to sell my house move out of state and start a new career but have had absolutely no luck. My house was in escrow twice and both buyers had to withdraw. Both of my grown….but young adult…children (both Aries) had horrible years health-wise, with my son the victim of an unprovoked attack. My job is very stressful and to work and back involves about a 3 1/2 hour commute. Do you see any improvement and movement forward in 2008?

DOB: 12/16/54 Time: approx 6:35 p.m. Place: Dallas, TX
My son’s info is: 4/19/81 at 7:23 a.m. My daughter’s info is: 4/1/84 at 12:55 a.m.

Any light you can shed is much appreciated!

Dear Sag,

Wow, 2007 was quite a year for you and many other Sag’s!

Regarding your career and home life, Pluto has knackered your angles and planets, and though I want to offer you some kind of spiritual sustenance, perspective on your past year, I muster a humble “And moving forward…” and humbly suggest: bag what’s not coming together and put it behind you. In my experience, if a path appears closed, it’s a sign to look at the possibilities you may’ve missed while banging away at what’s not working.

One of the issues we face with Pluto is our own resistance to irrevocable and inevitable change, kicking up heavy emotions and fear (which we hold onto) causing more problems than simply relating to where we are in this moment. Consider that your house isn’t selling because it’s not meant to be sold, yet.

You’re take-away for 2008: You’re collecting more information about where you’re going at work, where you want to live, and who you are now becoming as an individual. The past couple of years have changed you. You and many other Sagittarians have seen the other side of life, and rather than stifle your buoyancy and optimism, you’ve developed a deeper awareness of life, and experience is re-making you into a different person. Eventually you’ll want to accurately represent who you’ve become by showing up in the world differently, through where you choose to live and your career – and how you communicate. Own what you’ve seen. You may find yourself becoming more and more honest, about what others don’t want to see, calling ’em how you see ’em. Just like a seasoned and wiser Sagittarius! This dramatic shift is described by your progressed Ascendant joining your natal Pluto, and progressed Mercury opposing your natal Pluto.

Be on the lookout for new solutions starting in March. Uranus is squaring your Mercury in March, October and January (2009) so you’ll be thinking outside the box a lot more than you have in the past. Follow a wild hair thought, considering what you’d never before thought about is where you need to be. If you meet someone who leads you into a new way of thinking, go with it. You have every reason to be optimistic about this, because however this influence happens, it will give you a whole new angle to work with. Don’t push the river. Keep turning over new ideas.

(See what comes up in March for you surrounding your house and work, as this influence isn’t finished until 1/09. I imagine you’ll be angling different ideas and influences, changing your mind and your approach toward both areas.)

Your work may begin to show signs of re-organizational shifts or some kind of wild card surprise and you may feel a strain on your nervous system. I feel you may need to be sensitive to your sensitivity, especially since your progressed Moon has moved into Virgo. Calming herbs and teas might help you. Yes, there’s more work ahead, but you also need to focus on taking care of you. Develop habits and routines that keep you sane. A lunchtime walk can be a lifesaver. Maybe it’s time to educate yourself on herbs, diet and alternative medicine for your kids’ sake.

Your Son is resilient this year; it seems like he’s faced a battle and grows stronger for it. Aries! I’m sure you’re tenderly attuned to anything that will come up for healing, as you feel particularly nurturing, protective and concerned this year.

Your daughter is going through a different kind of transformation. Pluto is crossing her Ascendant. We’d have to talk to know exactly what this means for her, so perhaps you can offer her support by knowing that she will be experiencing potentially deep psychological and/or physical changes with this transit, and offer your compassion and guidance. It’s a year of intensity for her, and you may be consumed with overprotective mother hen energy if you don’t remember she’s an Aries – when she needs your help, she’ll ask for it! It’s her process.

Now that I’ve given you an earful, if you’d like to set up an astrological counseling/strategizing session for 2008, it would be my pleasure!

My very best,



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  1. kdavis25

    Jessica, thank you so much for the response. Sounds like there may be hope on the horizon. I would love to set up a session with you. Will e-mail you.

    Stressed out Sag

  2. kdavis25

    “One of the issues we face with Pluto is our own resistance to irrevocable and inevitable change, kicking up heavy emotions and fear (which we hold onto) causing more problems than simply relating to where we are in this moment.”

    One comment…I feel as if as much as I push for change, I am held fast to where I am. It isn’t so much about fearing change, but more about not being able to make change happen. My fear is that everything will remain status quo.

  3. Jessica

    Yikes, I apologize for missing this before, Karen. I’m still trying to figure out how to resolve a spam vs. real comments issue.

    Anywho, we’ve since spoken – and clarified all this, but for the bloggers, I was addressing the Plutonian side of this transit, but more pertinent to you is the issue of timing.

    You’ve been having a Saturn opposition to your natal Mars continuing through the year. When it breaks up, things will shift dramatically – as indicated by some fabulous Jupiter and popping Uranus energy coming your way around year’s end.

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