parisParis Hilton: 17 February 1981

What on earth could this Hilton heiress socialite have in common with the Aquarians of the world? Well, she’s from planet Uranus, an unpredictable planet best known by Astrologers as the planet of “shock!”

What’s shocking? She’s managed to start a cult of celebrity, folks who are only famous for being well, famous.

Far from a stereotypical revolutionary Aquarian (mind you, no Aquarian is stereotypical) she has caught the public attention in a particularly Aquarian way – technology. We’re ensnared by the methods she’s used to capture: the television, the internet, the video downloads, and MP3’s of her songs – all technology falls under the influence of Aquarius. So she’s invented a virtual identity in America, one with little substance, but just because no one’s ever done it before, can we call her “original?” “I don’t want to be known as the grand-daughter of the Hiltons. I want to be known as Paris.”

Ironically, in her desire to individuate, she launched a fascimile identity, Perez Hilton. And now Harvard University has lampooned her as the 2008 Woman of the Year, and whatever that distinguishment delivers I have a feeling it doesn’t come with a diploma.

Now, there are clearly two categories of Aquarians, one Saturn ruled, the other Uranus. Paris falls into the former. Saturn types live on the edge between convention and individuation. Often the corporate world becomes their church, and they put their energy into matter, security, business (most are really visionaries in hiding). Generally, their MO isn’t to change the world, but to carry on as the head of something, an empire or a principle.

The question is, will Paris eventually wake up to the more humanitarian altruistic urges of her sign? With her attention-loving Leo Moon, if it can bring her more love – yes. When she discovers just how good it feels to give, and how much more the world will love her for it, sure. Heck, she’s young. Maybe it will happen at her first Saturn return.