Dear Moonkissd,

I am doing research on a topic of astrology attempting to link it to possible destiny of each human being. The question is: What would you say is the reason people should look to their zodiac signs or other methods of astrology as a guide for their life to eventually shape their destiny?

Thank you, Nikki

Dear Nikki,

First one little semantic about your question: I don’t believe anyone “should” look to astrology unless their heart and mind are opened by it, and they’re guided internally to use it. As with any form of divination, if it’s useful and helpful, astrology can be a wonderful tool for self-awareness, cultivating understanding in relationships, and understanding the cycles of our lives.

Hmm, what of destiny? I can only answer your question from my perspective. In my experience, our destiny is always changing and is continually altered and alterable by the choices we make.

It seems our choices are always more, or less, self-aware, and the great thing about astrology is, by exploring our self metaphorically and symbolically through the birth chart, we can get a better understanding of where we are at this particular moment of growth. Oh, we’re pushing a rock up a mountain for the next year? So we are. How can we make that more comfortable? Perhaps we can figure out that this huge headway that will show up in some kind of stability at the end of that year. People find this information incredibly reassuring, and use it to make informed decisions. Because our perspective has widened, we begin to make different choices. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, or a shining opportunity, can change everything surrounding what we choose to do next.

Yes, astrology can help us see the forest for the trees, and maybe also to hold a bigger picture for the Self. Some of us feel more connected to the universe for it. It’s often nice to know we’re not alone, that our life is interconnected among many other lives in these subtle, mysterious and powerful ways. When we go with the planetary flow, we can also feel a greater sense of harmony and flow, freed up to cooperate with what the life (the universe) sends us.

While I’m not convinced astrology can name our destiny in concrete terms (married with kids, astrologer as a profession), I’m positive it can give us understanding around how we perceive our self, our relationship to others, and the cycle of life we’re in. We may have a ship, which astrology attempts to describe by the natal chart, but the ship is only as good as the captain’s (our own) awareness. Is the captain snoozing on the deck, or contemplating how to work around the trade winds? So in this sense, by offering perspective, options and choices, astrology strikes up a conversation with destiny. Certain winds may come, but astrology never owns your destiny. You do.