Is Venus in Capricorn Cheap?

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(conversations between astrologers, Part II)tyra-banks

“Venus in Capricorn is so CHEAP!”

“What did you say?”

“Totally CHEAP! I’m watching the financial markets and every time an aspect involves Venus in Capricorn the markets tank! People become fearful, they hoard. They don’t want to spend their money with Venus in Capricorn and people with Venus in Capricorn are the same.”

“Oooh, this is good. Can I quote you?”

“Go ahead. I stand by it.”

“Well, I don’t think my Venus in Capricorn friends would like to hear this, but I do appreciate what you’re saying from a behavioral POV. I’ve noticed certain Venus in Capricorn girlfriends have little fortresses built around their hearts, either they’ve been hurt before, or they’re afraid to trust to the effect of hindering their ability to generously and openly give. Sometimes it seems like they’re keeping tabs in relationship, tallying up the love score – just to make sure they end up ahead.” (thoughtfully pondering celebrity Venus in Capricorn and perpetually single babe, Tyra Banks, who has a rep for being persnickety. And then I found this picture, perfectly capturing that wicked ice queen Capricorn look.)

What do you think?



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  1. Brian

    I don’t think that Venus in Capricorn is cheap. I think that Venus in Capricorn is careful and cautious. I know that Venus in Capricorn has extremely high expectations. I know all about the fortress around the heart. I have Venus in Capricorn.

  2. Jessica

    Hi, Thanks for reading. I agree. I don’t think Venus in Capricorn people are cheap either! They are however often cautious, as you said, which can lead to various forms of self protection. The context of this was: What happens when Venus is transiting the sign of Capricorn? Since Venus rules values and what people spend money on…the other astrologer noted that when Venus is transiting Capricorn, people spend less money in the stock & commodities market.

    See also:

  3. Teressa Jones

    I think you should delete this article – I am Venus in Capricorn and whereas I’m reserved and cautious and conservative in Love, definitely not cheap – on the contrary, very dignified and don’t give away my heart as easily as some of the other Venus signs. Yours sincerely, a not cheap & pissed off Venus in Capricorn

  4. Jessica

    Hi Teresa, The “cheap” in this article, which was written 8 years ago, doesn’t reflect my interpretation of Venus in Capricorn – as made clear in the post. I think if you read my book Venus Signs or even this article you’d find a friend here. -Jessica

  5. Elizabeth K.

    I have Venus in Capricorn at 20.59 degrees.
    Let’s look at the subject here: The stock market which is mostly gambling. Now lets put some perspective on gambling. It is not logical and it is not rational. Gambling is intuitive and also lucky. Gambling also invokes greed, the need for power, and a higher-state of egoism.
    The claim is that during a Venus in Capricorn transit, the levels of greed, excessive egoism and need for power, illogical and irrational thinking are all out the door!?
    This is great news I think!
    Conclusion is that we may lack the intuition and luck, but we are more sensible than all of that because we simply do not invoke our ego with such folly parts of life. 😉

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