What’s in store for Valentine’s Day? elixir of love

Is it really even a holiday, or a holiday invented by Zales, Tiffany, Hallmark and Godiva?

It matters not. Venus is in Capricorn, and she appreciates the stuff – the bling and rings and things. The girl wants things. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. None of this cubic zirconia crap. She wants something that will last, and anything that will improve her image will do, too.

Maybe a business card, a webpage. Or an unlimited yoga pass, a business contract or a lifetime supply of coffee. But whatever you do, don’t cheap out. Make your gift a combination of practical and useful. Or useful and practical.

Of course some of us will say, Oh, I don’t want anything. And we mean it, too (Venus can be incredibly self-denying). It’s just hard to know which one of us you’re talking to. So best get a gift anyhow.

Venus in Capricorn also makes us want to know exactly where we stand with our partner. No beating around the bush, because this Venus treats love like a business. If we need to have “the talk” let’s get down to it, which brings us to the subject of Gemini Moon.

If you’ve got love in your heart, communicate it. Make it known. Shout it from the rooftops or at least from the other end of the chat room. Self-expression plays a big role in today’s lovefest. And trust your innocence, so don’t get all freaked out about whether you’re saying whatever it is you want to say, sounds right. This V-Day is all about romantic valor and childlike freedom of expression. To quote the soundtrack from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, young hearts run free! Let yours.