Dear Moonkissd,

I have been struggling in trying to figure out what direction to take in regards to career. After racking up debts taking gen. ed. and other classes in hopes of coming to the “aha” moment, I’m afraid I haven’t come any closer to answering this question. What I have found is that: I find the thought of an uninspiring 9-5 job dreadful, but I crave financial stability. (Well, financial abundance would be preferable, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, eh?) The idea of racking up more debt returning to school does not thrill me as I have spent the last few years paying off debt and still have a way to go. Do you see anything in my chart as far as any talents or areas of luck I may have in finding my niche? I may not be financially ready to attend school yet but if there is anything in my chart giving clues as to what I should be good at doing that would bring prosperity I would be thrilled!

Broken Compass

Time: 1:39 PM (PDT); Date: 10/30/1971; Place: Mountain View, CA. (Chart below)

Dear Broken Compass,

I’m feeling prolific today, and in the mood to dispense bullet point advice. I think it was something about the freedom of writing this way, combined with your stimulating question. Oh, and two shots of espresso. So if I come off a little bossy, my apologies. I am, under the influence. And it’s my website.

1.) Forget about school – that’s only a distracting thought cluttering your mind. You already have what you need, and once you figure out where you’re headed, you can figure out if you need more training.

2.) Forget about financial stability. I know, I know. Your dad will tell you I’m crazy. But I’ll tell you that some of the worst career decisions ever (and mistakes) have been made with money as the prime motivator. And by listening to dads (sorry dads).

3.) Follow your heart and the money will follow. I’m not trying to be cute here. And I totally recognize that you may not think you know what your heart wants right now. But your Moon is in the 2nd house trine Mercury/Venus in Scorpio. Your heart (Moon) is in your money house, trine your other heart (Venus) in the career house. You’ll only enjoy doing something you L-O-V-E. And what you love will make you money.

4.) Write your own job description using verbs and adjectives, not real world professions. No one wants one of those anyhow, least of all you.
Let astrology help you. Your Saturn is on your 5th house quincunx your Scorpio Sun in the 9th. Try this job description on for size: flexible stability, responsible adventuring, creative discipline, safe opportunist, possibility of chucking it all – and coming back. Now turn it into a faux help wanted ad to the universe:

“Looking for flexible stability? Boy, do we have a position for you. It’s full of responsible adventuring. But you will need creative discipline. We want an opportunist who loves safety. And if you live for the thrill of chucking it all and coming back again, we’ll keep your seat warm and awaiting your return.”

Got the hang of it? Write it and send it to the cosmic boss.

Broken Compass


5.) So. Even when you’ve got one you love, careers take continual stoking. And no major move, love your career or hate it, is ever reached overnight, which is why we’d best pay attention to what’s coming up right now. The process of individuation, doing whatever it is you’re doing now with more curiosity and presence, will help you arrive at your dream career, not the other way around. (Oprah, here’s what I know to be true: if more people followed and deepened the right now, they’d be more likely to wind up at “what’s next.”)

Now is the time to express your more lunar, feminine, soft side. Astrologically speaking, your Progressed Ascendant is joining your Moon in Pisces, as your Progressed Moon is in Leo, to join your Ceres/South Node conjunction in the 7th house. Nurture your creativity and artistry. Wear moonstones and ethereal flow-y Pisces dresses. Share your emotions. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Laugh, cry and feel joy. Cook yourself a good meal. Support your artist friends – show up at their show bearing cupcakes (a la Katie Holmes).

6.) Have you hugged an artist lately? Hung out at your boyfriend’s studio and volunteered to wash his brushes? You have natural gifts – your South Node in Leo conjunct Ceres in the 7th house. This is your talent to nurture and support other richy-rich, affluent, performer creative types. You can do this in a variety of ways say being a PR person or becoming anyone who represents talent. This is a gift. But more vital, plug into your North Node in Aquarius in the 1st – which is your cutting edge for growth, and a gift for the future. Embrace your free-spiritedness, don’t get so hung up on the opinions of others, do as you please! That’s the challenge of this nodal placement. I mean if you secretly enjoy wearing ritual goddess tiaras -or whatever – maybe you should start a website.

7.) About the a-ha moment: it may never happen. Give it up. I know I keep telling you to give it up. I think I’m channeling your Neptune in the 10th. See, you can chase the golden carrot forever, but I think chasing something “out there” is all an elaborate maze to keep you confused. Neptune is squaring your Mercury, so no wonder. I suggest that every time you notice one of these obsessive “crazymaking” thoughts, let it go. Come back to the present. Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. Get lost in the cup. You’ll have better luck finding your next career that way. Which brings me to number 8.

8.) Go meditate. Sit on a mountain top. Study the art of reading tea leaves. You have Jupiter transiting your 12th house but will sextile all those lovely career planets in your 10th this year. Suggesting that your luckiest “breaks” will come from solitary and artistic 12th house activities like meditation, shutting your self in an art studio with finger paints, or a typewriter, or going for long walks in mountains. Speaking of typewriters, you need intellectual and creative stimulation in your work like a horse needs water. Have you thought about writing about your career misadventures, starting a blog etc?

9.) Good luck. Even those of us with so called professional direction have to renew our commitment to that every single day. No stage of the game is easy. So honor the searching. Enjoy it. And as best you can, relish not knowing.

10,) Finally. If you haven’t already had enough! And want a personal reading, email me.