Ellen Page is a Pisces

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ellen page

Ellen Page (2/21/87), everyone’s darling, is a Pisces.

And like many other young Piscean celebrities, she refuses to act her age – because she has wisdom way beyond her biological years. It’s a gift of the Fishes. Who can forget Ellen as waif turned disturbingly wrath in Hard Candy? Her tween-y character turned the tables on a man who used the internet to lure teenage girls into his nightmarish domain – boy, did he pick the wrong chick to mess with. And in Juno, her young elfin beauty once again paradoxically highlighted this sagacity.

It’s said that if you look deeply into the eyes of a newborn baby, you can tell if they are an “old soul” or “new soul”. Pisces people just aren’t smart – they’re old soul smart. It’s a subtle knowing, a thought transmission “yes, I’ve seen it all before.” Look into the eyes of a Pisces, young or old, and you can sense their agelessness.

Ellen grew up attending the Shambhala School in Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada – a school that called meditation, yoga, and Eastern philosophy standard curriculum. This undoubtedly accelerated Ellen’s innate interest, and understanding, of human consciousness. Pisces people are water signs, and are therefore osmotic -they pick up on other people’s undifferentiated stuff, which can cause confusion, or at worst chaos. Cultivating awareness of her thoughts, and emotions, is a discipline every Piscean eventually learns by necessity.

Interestingly, in an interview with Barbara Walters, Ellen said she sleepwalks and hallucinates. Pisces people have a super active subconscious! Periodic and regular activities of dreaming, fantasizing, solitude, and creativity all free the Fishes from becoming trapped by the myriad emotional and thought forms swimming around their pretty heads.


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