Yikes, the dark of the Pisces Moon. And if you’ve never known what doesn't make sensethat’s about – the couple of days before a New Moon, now you do. Despite the steady San Francisco sunlight streaming into my study – it feels dark. Ominous. Mysterious. What’s around the corner? Hard to know. We can feel like we’re groping in the dark around New Moons, because there’s no moonlight, and our capacity to see what’s in front of us – that’s gone, too. It’s certainly a lesson in trusting your intuition, with that pesky Mars-Pluto opposition hanging around, stirring up trouble like two birds of a feather – at odds. Both want the same thing, but we’re too engaged in wrestling with the not so subtle differences in “I want-You want” to notice. I say potato, you say potah-to…yada, yada let’s call the whole thing off. Pisces, sigh, surrenders.

Pisces energy is very different from Mars-Pluto, but both surrender the pink (innocence). Will yet another confusion be taken away – will I be universalized once again? Ever since I first heard the Demeter-Persephone myth, I’ve used it to contemplate the meaning of my own Mars-Pluto opposition. Maybe it was a fated contract: lightfooted Persephone being pulled down into the underworld, her tra-la-la undifferentiated consciousness was an easy target for the dark God. I too understand certain fated life experiences as having a distinctly “universalizing” effect on my consciousness. Ever hear of being broken down to be made bigger? Yep, that’s my 6th house Pisces, with the Mars-Pluto opposition contained therein, clearly a reflection of this forceful nature: “my hands are tied to the wheel of the car which is now going over the side of a cliff. Hey, anyone up for a meditation, say, a group prayer?”

I’ve come to understand that if Pisces is the white-lighter oneness of the universe, the place where we truly feel we can lose everything, but never be lost, MP is a beast elect that gets one there. It’s not easy. This current Mars in Cancer guy/gal carries the nurturing instinct, but now complexly layered with notes of Pluto: emotional nurturing equals wounding equals emotional entanglement. If feelings are stirred, we’re right to be respectfully wary because something wickedly deep this way comes. Just try to figure that out (sometimes it’s good to let it rest, too).

Pisces is always crazy wisdom – and for me, cracking that nut is a bit like cracking the holy grail of food allergies (food allergies: a condition that intermittently appears and leaves to no rhyme or reason, one day you can eat Fritos no consequences, the next you’re down for days) It’s crazy logic. Incomprehensible. Possibly even spiritual warrior energy. Because like being given your own personal Zen master, having every question you ask answered by another question, can either a) drive a person nuts b) enlighten her or c) both. The hows or whys are always irrelevant in the face of crazy wisdom. Which falls away for the spirit message (explaining why so many Pisces people, attempting logic, sort of trail off into some artful mumbo jumbo… that makes irrational, yet perfect sense.)

So if the dark of the Moon is yet another opportunity to release the past, also to trust in the inherent connection that the answers will illumine again, Pisces is about getting over believing we’re separate (again). The New Moon in Pisces will replenish the spiritual well with synchronicities, a chance to deeply connect, and when we have the opportunity to do so (hopefully not in the form of a red-faced person coming at us) compassionately hold out for higher ground.

Oh, and MP, what more can I say? Separation is the other side of oneness; ego wounding the other side of spirituality. Spirituality is paradox. And according to my 6th house Pisces, that’s the craziest wisdom going. Try living that simple soulful note on your next Yogi teabag. Hardly a spiritual teacher has lived up to their own standards – be gentle. It’s harder than it looks. And MP reminds us that we’re all still working on it.