The New Moon in Aries fell on my natal Moon in Aries to the exact degree. It was on the house cusp of husbands (did you even know that existed?). I hesitated blogging about this New Moon beforehand because I felt very much in the dark as to how this would play out, as New Moons have been known to do. And wow, of all the things I’d love to tell you I’m obligated to protect the innocent (or the guilty). So… thinking about what to write, and filtering through all the Aries New Moon news stories this weekend like “After War, Love Can Be a Battlefield” and various stress related emergency stories, including one apropos story about bloggers who are dying, yes dying, from the competition to stay current (astrologers be forewarned) I kept coming back to one conversation I had last week. It was a simple conversation. And so gosh darn tired of taking everything soooo seriously – an Aries seasonal hazard- this one made me smile. It was about husbands and kitchens.

I had my girlfriend F, and her just moved-in S.O. over for dinner last weekend. My husband cooked chocolate chili. Being Libran characters, they were polite enough to wait until we were sitting down to dinner to tell us her better half didn’t like chocolate – truly a male mystery. Aside from the chocolate fiasco, conversation as usual dominated dinner. When F and I spoke later that week, I asked how recent co-habitation adventures have been going for the two Moons (he and she). She mentioned couplehood thinking was ruffling her Aquarian Moon. I also asked how her S.O. enjoyed dinner she said, “Great. Did you notice how he didn’t stop talking the whole time?” Ah, a Gemini Moon. Oh, but didn’t she notice how my husband, a Gemini Moon with Leo Sun, had his own dog and pony show going, too? We were party to a non-stop gabfest. We laughed. Who said men aren’t good communicators?

But even more fascinating than men at the dinner table, we discovered, are men: in the kitchen. See, we women do our Moon functions, cooking, cleaning, general nesting, and responding to the little but everyday emotional and physical needs of our bodies and souls, naturally – I think we’re acculturated that way. Even F, with an Aquarian Moon, with a nurturing style known more for independent thinking than cooking, knows how to whip up a good meal, albeit with quirky alternative flair (F made to die for chocolate mousse, made creamy from avocados!) And Aries Moon posessed woman like myself, can weild a kitchen utensil with the best of them – and whip up a hot meal quickly, in no time at all. Which comes in handy, say, when you’re living with a Gemini Moon.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, my man can cook. On this point we both agreed – Gemini Moon men are truly jack of all trades, their versatility and skill magically creates beautiful and sometimes inventive meals – like chocolate chili. The challenge here is focus. They’ve got to stop talking long enough to put their beautiful hands to work. If the choice is hands or mouth, and there’s a pair of ears to hear, they’ll talk, talk, talk. It puts a whole new spin on the phrase “eat your words.” Because after an hour of laughter, interesting conversational tidbits, and four food projects going on in yes, four different parts of the kitchen – I’ve tried. And discovered, words can’t fill a hungry belly.

That’s where my Moon kicks in, calling orders like a drill sargent. Commanding: focus. focus. And rounds up a nutritious meal. As we laughed, we both agreed that with a Gemini Moon in the kitchen, our executive chef abilities, our ability to micro and macro manage a kitchen is essential. Then it struck me, maybe women can’t get away with letting their Moon run away with the spoon, or the topic du jour as it may be…I mean, most women I know can’t get away with eating pasta and pizza and calling the whole nutritious food thing off. Most of us are on crazy diets, or self-respecting ones not based on convenience but the observation that slowing down, to eat whole foods, is better for everyone. Meals, in short, that require a large amount of food preparation. So here’s my Carrie Bradshaw moment which I’ll now share with you: husbands and kitchens, is it an uneasy compromise?

Come back for Husbands & Kitchens: Part 2.