So back to my Carrie Bradshaw moment: husbands and kitchens, is it an uneasy compromise?

No. Yes. Okay, sometimes. Seeing as how the Moon sign describes nurture from the beginning, might our beloved men have experienced a little more independence surrounding food, more coddling and feeding from mom, and a smidgen less of her instructive coaching in the kitchen? This discussion is wide open. I’m of the generation (Pluto and Uranus in Libra) where gender roles volcanically erupted and broke down into something more equitable. Still, unlike my stepdaughters, or even my 5 years- younger sister, home economics was required class material. He took wood shop. Surely that counts for something, primarily me, doing laundry, and he, joinery (huh?). And we women, blame it on breast cancer, preservatives, or taking care of our children, do often end up at the fore of wellness movements. I mean, gawd, I know there are men who have to worry about incestuous food-related illnesses that prevent us from enjoying a simple piece of fruit without freaking out about candida albicans but the ratio is something ridiculous like 1 man: 1000 woman.

A harrowing but relevant statistic found in Time Magazine just today: 7 is the number of extra hours spent on housework married (vs. single) women perform per week, while married men do 1 hour less (than single men)*. Still, I remain resolutely optimistic knowing there’s expanding room for overlap. As we mix and mash up our gender roles, I like to think the feminine function, formerly known as Moon (or for single women, Venus), is slowly being emancipated from the dirth of dishes – so we can explore our other, richer feminine natures. Just as the Sun no longer belongs to the man in her life, Moon no longer belongs to the woman in his life. Modern men are learning to do their Moon. Even my mom didn’t have this shared opportunity but to be fair dad did show up on BBQ, chili, and the occasional fantastic omelet. Which fits right in to the patriarchal model; if men specialized because they could, women generalized because they had to. Guess who got extra credit points?

With my Moon on the cusp of partnerships (and husbands), it is oodles of fun to have a partner in the domestic Moon-sphere. Because I’ve got to hand it to him. He’s creative. He’s always in the kitchen at dinner time. And the company? There’s always plenty of food for thought. And when we’re both tired of cooking, one doesn’t have to have a Gemini Moon to appreciate falling back on the occasional cheese quesadilla (those Gemini Moons love quick finger foods) and abandoning the dirty dishes and spoons to the sink. For approximately one hour. Or until I ask him to help clean up. Not to be a control freak or anything.

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*housework done by women has dropped 35% between 1976-2005 (Time Magazine, April 21, 2008).